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What a weekend

Hey Everyone, i hope you are all ok and are having a good day :)

Im sorry i havent posted in a week or so , its been busy i can tell you so i will bring you upto date. Well my bank holiday was brilliant, spent it mostly with my boyfriend relaxing, having a bbq with my family and going out on day trips which was just what i needed. However, this weekend has been interesting i can tell you in comparison ...... One of my best friends was involved in a car accident and has been in hospital from monday to yesterday ( sunday) she has broken a bone in her back but she is better. Then my other friend suffers from really bad depression so i was trying to make sure he wasnt doing anything stupid.... so stressful and emotion draining . When i got to my boyfriends on saturday night , i just collapse in a heap really ..... then it kept going round my head what had happened and had a panic when we just went to bed, mike nearly had to ring an ambulance and i feel so awful that i scared him like that.

But yesterday was a better day, moved into my new uni house yesterday with mikes help and just relaxed when i got home. He cheered me up and made me laugh so much it was like nothing happened the previous night. So keep your fingers crossed that this week i wont let things get to me and upset..... So overall to have a better week, also hope you all have a better week.

CS19 x

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Glad you have had a Good Bank Holiday even though it seems at times it been pretty eventful at times

I hope everything goes well at University :)





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