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Okay so I've been jogging but I'm a bit of a mess at it and as my heart palps haven't let up now in nearly 7 days...I'm gonna start the couch to 5k podcasts.

I'm a bit scared though with the palps not having stopped in as many days. My doctor says everything's fine and when I went to hospital they said everything looked okay as well but I'm still nervous to go out.

Anyone think I should be okay?



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  • Hellooo Ashley

    I am following you around the site here , would you slow down ;)

    Well , i think if you had a bad heart you wouldnt be jogging & you heart will go faster when you are , jogging

    When you was in A&E the other day , you said yourself they went , I do think thats because you felt safe there

    I really dont think for one minute you have anything wrong with your heart

    Keep remembering your GP says its fine & hospital couldnt see anything wrong & they no what they are looking for ;)

    So no I really dont think you have anything at all to worry about , try & relax & distract your mind , the more you focus on them , the more you will feel them , I no its not easy , but you can do this with practice




  • Hello whywhy!

    You are like my own personal advice centre :-)

    Anyway I just went and did it. Totally proud..podcast lasts for 30 mins and I jogged for 8 minutes of that and brisked walked for the rest.


  • Hellooo Ashley

    Dont tell me that , the head started thinking ermm maybe start charging a small fee then :D

    Good for you & well done

    I reckon you have one of the fittest hearts out there to be honest , mine would be doing more than pals if I tried that ;)

    Try & enjoy the rest of your day & ignore it best you can

    O & dont gulp your dinner this week or you will be back with indigestion & then we will be back on the honey subject :D


  • Hahaha I've actually had my mum looking for this Maluka honey and she can't find it either lol. She's away to Marks and Sparks to see if they have it.


  • ermm never seen it in Marks to be honest :o

    Have you tried going on line as if you are doing a shop & looking for it & say like Tesco , Sainsburys , Ocado , & so on if they have it on line then the supermarket should as well

    Or try health stores , again if you go on line you can see everything they sell & usually then they will have it in store

    Cant understand why you dont seem to have it where you are :D

    Dont forget 10+ though :)


  • It's Scotland remember...we don't have anything up here.

    In fact I'm writing this via smoke signal lol :-)


  • Do you have holland and Barrett? They have it in there. Xxx

  • I'm never out of there, but funnily enough was the one place I hadn't went to look for it!

    Thanks winter I shall go tomorrow :-)


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