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On holiday and not feeling well

Left the UK yesterday and on my way here just felt a lot of mucus at the back of my throat and had to vomit. Now I am very conscious of my throat and this doesn't help my anxiety. Now I am on my way to the hospital since I have not eaten anything since last night, probably ruining the holiday for my partner who is always positive, smiling and supportive. I though I was doing my best to get better but I can't overcome these physical signs.

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Sorry you are away & not feeling so good

You have done well though to get there , so dont be tough on yourself

I get mucus & its made me sick before , so try not to worry , I am sure that is all it will be & when they give you the all clear , I hope you can settle & start to enjoy your holiday

Try not to feel guilty , or you will just add pressure & remember your OH is there because he wants to be & he loves you

Take Care





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