Is it still working?

Hi, haven't been on for a while as life seemed ok but over the last few weeks all my old feelings of anxiety and stress have returned. I am now on 60mg daily of Citalopram and wonder if its just not working anymore? 60mg is the max dose and not really recommended as it can cause heart problems. Does our body become used to these meds and should it be changed? worried that I have no 'buffer' should things get really bad!! any advise would be brill. thanks. x


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  • Hi izzy

    You must have been on the old site because of the picture , but I never got to speak to you

    I dont take meds , so I am not the best person to give advise on this , but as you will no , hopefully someone that does will come along later & have some answers

    I would though if you feel they are no longer working , see the GP , I no you say you are on the max dose , but there could be other meds instead they could maybe consider would be better for you , I would go now rather than suffer

    Hope you get on alright , you will have to let us no




  • thank you for taking the time to reply and I have made an appointment for next Tuesday. I think i'm just frightened of any side effects of new meds. I'll definitely update the site. thank you again xx

  • I can understand that feeling , I have a meds fear , but have to take some for other things & I am just the same

    I am pleased you have an appointment though & talk on here , it will help support you with your fear


  • Hi Izzy I don't know the answer but I guess it makes sense that meds can stop being so effective over time as your body gets used to them. Glad you are back on!

    bev x

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