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For whywhy

whywhy I have tried replying to your post to me, however I keep getting, This is embarrassing we cant find that post. So I have copied and pasted my reply to you as below.

Yes have started the new ones this morning. Hope you ok today whywhy and things not be to bad. And yes we are very strong people , we have to be don't we, because we get through some form of hell everyday, and we keep going.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}




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I was getting that the other day Bonnie

I do wonder if when evening comes if they are working on the site

Dont worry hun , this site will come good , I no its frustrating , but we still get messages , one way or another to each other lol

It might be on your mind Bonnie that you are swapping meds , it would be me & then I would start feeling ill , but it would be my anxiety making me feel ill & not the med changing , even though my head would say it was

Keep talking on here , what ever way you get on , people will help you while you are feeling down & we will laugh with you when you are feeling up again , because you will




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