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WE Are Just Not Used to this

I have just been reading through some of the posts and have noticed that some of you are suffering because of the heat.On reading the papers I have seen that the temperatures here are hotter than most parts of Spain and Africa.

Last night my brother who is 71 and spends most of his time in his aviary in the garden suddenly collapsed.I thought he was having a heart attack and called 999.A motor cycle paramedic called within minutes and gave my brother oxygen.Soon the ambulance arrived and they done an ECG And said that it was not a heart attack but took us to A and E.

There were no beds available on any ward so he was,after examination,kept on a trolley on in the passage way.It was said that he was suffering from dehydration and heat stroke.

He was treated with intraveneous fluids and came home at 2pm today.after spending all his time in the passage way.

The doctor has told me to keep him inside and make sure he drinks at least 3 litres of water a day and has plenty of rest.

My brother has an amateur weather station and when we looked at his records on the 9th March 2013 it was -14 degrees yesterday it was plus 101 degrees.A difference of 115 degrees.

All I am saying,particularly to those who have any kind of breathing problems or are sick or elderly is PLEASE take extra care.

Thank you from the Old Maid

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Sorry to hear about your brother , I no you will take good care of him & make sure you look after yourself to

You are so right , we all no what we have to do in the Winter as we are used to it , but this weather we have to be just as careful

A good reminder




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Yes Oldmaid I have read the papers today and it seems the very young,the elderly and the sick are in danger from this heat,so please look after yourself and your brother




Oldmaid hope your brother and yourself are ok. My daughter went to the chemist today to get my antibiotics for my mouth, she said that the lady in the chemist said to her that there had been 3 people collapse nearby since Monday. We do need to remember to drink plenty in this heat. I have called my dad to remind him.

Take care of yourselves





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