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Getting a tad frustrated now

I have been trying to get on this site to write a blog for the last two hours.All I get is" loading (this is taking a while)" and nothing happens.Now I have got on I have forgotten what I wanted to say.

So I am going to throw all my toys out of the Widow and join Old Maid in her garden with her buggery jars and go to sleep.



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Me to , it is frustrating , I have been using 2 computers & cant see posts , the list goes on

Anyway , I have picked your toys up for you hun , so when you are ready try again & if you have to throw them out again , I will keep tidying up for you ok

We are in this together remember ;-)

That wont be a wink , but was suppose to be

Where has that Bertty gone , Ribena shop ?



Grog my lad you can join me anytime but that WIDOW? might sue you if you throw her toys out. In my garden it is 93 degrees C at the mo and bring your gas mask too.I have one barbecue to the left of me one to the right of me and one across the road.I know people love to enjoy the hot weather,but the pong of lighter fuel and burnt sausages is overwhelming.Even the buggery jars are coffin!


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