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great mood :)

well yesterday i had a nice family day ouut without feeling all panicky it was great i never thought i would feel normal for a day again but i did. i went to my doctors and they give me iron tablets as im anemic and i been feeling alot better since taking them again :) ..

today i feel fine but a lil bit anxious i cant be around crowds for long i feel as if i will pass out anyone ever feel like that? anyways try to enjoy the sun everyone

love louise xxxx

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I don't like crowds I feel like things are closing up on me so you are not on your own


aww yeah feels as if your gunna pass out to me it feels like everything is getting light around me :/ x


Well done Louise , great as well the iron tablets will give you more energy , & that will help with the anxiety

Good for you as well getting out , don't worry that today isn't as good that's how this is , good & bad days , but it levels up , its a slow process & you are making a good start

I don't get out , but today I did , will tell more when I have settled down , think I am getting over the shock first :-o





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