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Hello 3 am

Hello 3 am

I haven't slept properly for 2 years, I have recently been prescribed citalopram 20mg for anxiety, which I'm hoping will calm my brain down and stop it whizzing about in a hysterical fashion! I've been on it just over 2 weeks, and this week I have noticed something which has entertained me, so I thought I'd share it with you:

Monday woke up at 0130

Tuesday woke up at 0200

Wednesday woke up at 0230

Thursday woke up at 0300

So in another 8 days, if this pattern holds, I might wake up at a decent hour! Everyone cross their fingers, please!!!

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Sending you lots of sleep vibes, I know what Insomnia is like.. and unless people have experienced it.. they just wont relate it, but it's such a deblitating thing, though you can actually use it as a positive if you can find things to do, create, paint, tidy up etc.. make the sleeplessness work for you in some way..

but there aint nothing like a good nights sleep!...


It's not so much the body that needs the sleep, as just resting, conscious breathing rejuvenates the body, and if you think about it, the body is working 24/7 anyway... but the mind wants the sleep


lol With any luck.

At least this way you know what to expect, so can arrange what to watch on tele in the middle of the night.

But two years of disrupted sleep? I feel for you x


Fingers xd x and toes and eyes x


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