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hospital visit

Hi everyone ! Well I got the dreaded call get to hospital mum critical come if you want to give her kiss and off I went don't know how but stayed nine and half hours and going back today so stressful but I am so glad I made it! I feel it's all surreal somehow and I am just going with the flow it's not really sunk in but dad needs the support he keeps crying and that's hard .So to all of you who helped and encouraged me thank you it meant a lot. What a lovely morning so sunny somehow that helps,well my love to all god bless you all Penny.xxxx

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Penny , bless you

Sorry that it is now critical with your mum

You are amazing though , only a few days ago , you couldn't face going & now look at you :-o

We are all hear for you when you need us & my thoughts are with you & your family



Thankyou whywhy and thanks for the hug ! I can't believe it myself have just had to dig deep and go with it ! Am off to intensive care now so have a lovely day you have a generous heart whywhy have seen a lot of your blogs you are so supportive to so many ,maybe bit of an angel in you eh? xxx Penny


I think we have the strength in there somewhere & you have found yours when its needed , that's an angel looking after you ;-)

Thank you for your kind words



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