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Delayed anxiety?

Is delayed anxiety even a thing?

I used to suffer very badly with anxiety but I got it under control. I've been in a few stressful situations this year and have coped well. Now everything is "sorted" I'm having severe anxiety, my resting heart rate is 125bpm, restless, easily distracted, dry mouth, massive thirst, palpitations, slight chest pain and headaches.

I have nothing to be anxious about at the moment but I feel like I'm breaking under the strain of keeping the anxiety in check.

I don't want to waste the dr's time if I'm being stupid.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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sometimes under stress we cope & then I believe it can be after that it hits us , I no this has happened to me plenty of times

I don't think you would be wasting the GP'S time or that you are stupid

Make an appointment & let us no how you go on





Thank you for responding.

I think I'll need to give the gp a call, I'm not being the best mother and wife at the moment and I really need to sort that out.

I'm used to constant anxiety (in the past) so to cope well then be hit with it weeks later is a new one on me.

Thanks again.


I think that sounds a good idea

Don't give yourself a bad time though , I no its important to be a good mum & wife , but if we were ill with anything else , we wouldn't feel as bad

Let us no how you go on

Good luck




If you have had lots of stressful things to sort your nerves are probably shot which is why you may be struggling right now. This has happened a lot to me over the years and just recently and I live off adrenaline and then when the stress passes I feel rubbish. I agree with whywhy book a gp appointment and talk things through. You are not being stupid but maybe your coping methods need updating(I've had therapy recently and see things very differently). Take care and let us know how you get on if you can love eve x


Thanks for the input.

It really makes sense to me about living off of adrenaline. I feel wired quite a lot so that would explain it.

I'm glad therapy has helped you.

I'm using old coping methods I learned before but like you said I maybe need an update.

Thank you x


You are welcome

I was always either "woman on the edge" on high alert, constantly worrying or "crashed and burned woman" nerves frazzled and completely exhausted. I am much calmer now and I deal with things better. I'm not cured by any means but I am much better. Don't struggle.. This site has lots of people who understand and give good advice, I've learnt a lot from here too x


I would say yes, definitely.

When my father was ill and then passed away I was, of course, very upset but it was only seven months later that I really started to get terrible health anxiety and GAD.

I had counselling and they said it was quite normal to get problems months or even years after an event.

Now, I can have a bad event and sail through it, but that night I have bad anxiety as I try to relax.


So I go to phone the gp and as soon as they answer I bottle out and hang up.

My heart is pounding out of my chest! ??


Hi how are you doing? I put off phoning the docs last year, every time I tried to ring my stomach would churn and my heart pounded in my chest. I did get round to it eventually but by that time I had deteriorated... Don't struggle please phone your gp i hated having to admit i was struggling but it was the best thing I did take care love eve x


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