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A step forward , two steps back

Hi all ,

It has been a number of weeks since I posted , although I have been reading . A big thank you to everyone , some days lately just knowing I am not alone really helps . Well. , here is my story . At the beginning of the year I was so low that I had started considering suicide , I was sleeping / hiding most of the day . one night I posted on here and just let it all put. .. The posts I received saved me and I went finally to doctors , he gave me anti depressants and gradually I felt myself getting stronger .eve kept talking to me and giving me little tips and encouragement , a big special thank you to her . Eventually , felt well enough to go back to work , after six weeks I found myself back under the covers and have been gradually taking my meds ( doctor increase dosage ) . I thought once the new meds kicked in I would be fine again but it is taking longer to recover . I am tearful and my mood seems to some days just be so low . I am know constantly worrying about going back to work .work is not putting me under pressure it is me . I feel guilty .

Als I have managed to get myself in a mess financially as I thought shopping helped me but it did not . I have the docs today and fearful he is going to send me back to work . Has anyone else experience this

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Oh cloudy big massive hugs x you can message me ANYTIME I'm here for you. Did you come off your meds and are now going back on them? In the past I took meds and as soon as I was ok I came off them and went back to work... The depression came back. I don't think you should be at work right now. Please tell your doctor how you are feeling. Can you take anything back that you have bought? I've got purchases with labels on too. Or maybe put stuff on eBay it's surprising how much you can make.

Please don't struggle, talk on here or message me and i will make time for you.



Absolutely you should see my hoard of handbags!! I know exactly how you are feeling, don't rush back to work as I think most employers would prefer you to be off on one long spell and return well enough, than going back to work and going off again. Six weeks definitely not long enough for sure, I was off about six months. Also perhaps call the Citizens advice bureau or free debt advice, they helped sort me out. Hope this helps. Message any time, I too finding this sight such a support.xx



I am sure once you tell your GP how you feel , they will sign you of sick

I think the shopping is what I call comfort buying , we feel down , & for a short while , buying something makes us feel better , I no I have & do it at times

The debt depending how bad it is , I would say CAB are very good or their is a Debt line number , you will find it if you put it in Google , they will help & that alone will be a weight of your mind

Yes like Eve says if you can work your way round ebay , that would be a good way of selling some un wanted things & getting some money back

We have a free add mag where you can sell things , but that means if you had one you do have to answer the phone & people come round , not sure if you would be up to that

Let us no how you go on





Thanks why why .


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