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Post Birthday Blues

Well, I wasn't looking forward to my birthday meal out with my wife, I haven't told her how I'm feeling or that I've even been to the GP about it let alone that I'm taking citalopram/sleeping tablets, she just thinks I'm a bit stressed with work. So I didn't think that I could hold my end up in a nice relaxing meal out without the baby.

But thanks to some choice words of wisdom from Baylien on here yesterday about letting go, facing the danger and trying to float through it all I had a really nice time. Couldn't eat much as it all tastes like ash (side effect of starting to take citalopram????) but enjoyed it nevertheless. Slept pretty well for the first time in weeks and woke up feeling pretty normal - hurrah!

Or not. Come lunchtime my chest went tight, I started thinking the same dark thoughts, back to black (!). Any advice - I'm currently taking the cit in the morning and early afternoon as when I tried to take it in the evening I slept awfully

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Hi Russ,

Firstly bl.....dy well done, so glad you had a good time. :-)

Now, its not a miracle cure, it takes time, to practice, and it is constant practice till it starts to disapear, untill only normal levels of anxiety prevail, and that healthy.

Keep at it, I know your impatient, we all are, and thats because we are RUNNING, same old stuff.

Its a very subtle thing we are learning, but one that will make your life so much happier in the end.

Just keep doing the practice, maybe get some therapy from the doctors, CBT. they will explain things better than me.

A happy Life is out there, its yours take it NOW !!!

Thats a quote of of the film Troy :-)

All the best




Thanks B,

Think that the idea of learning to deal with it is really important. I've maybe been to keen to beat it into submission - probably the wrong way about it. Started to think about some coping mechanisms after trawling through this website for hours trying to learn more about it all. Going to try my new stress relief yoga dvd tonight before bed, if its good enough for the Dalai Lama........! And try not to think I can do everything all day every day. We put loads of pressure on ourselves in today's society, all the time, is it any wonder that we look for a place to run??


So true Russ,

that yoga dvd sounds great, for me I found making friends with myself does help, and not being so hard on ourselves too, we all deserve a sit down sometimes.

I'm just about to do some training with my mate too, so good luck with the video.

I found talking about this with my wife, a good thing to and took a hell of a lot of stress off situations.

Just a thought.

all the best




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