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councelling sess 2 and confused :/

Hi all well tonight is sess 2 of the counselling i have been offered, i basically read a book fill in the sections and once a week have a phone convo for 15 mins. Its getting me nowhere, this week actually this fortnight the counselor took a week off to go on hol, i have had to put my life into a schedule from 6am to 11pm with a pastime a new hobby and something i need to do ie leave the house , in hourly sections , which is really baffling me, ive become so confused by tryin to remember all this new info as well as filling my head with questions and memories as to why i am like i am, im forgetting silly things. I tried to order new clothes for my kids and even ordered the wrong size

:o ive gone nuts lol. So ive given up on that needeless to say, hopefull tonight she will offer something else, and maybe one day i will actually get to chat face to face n let go of my crap. Anyways rant over for now :) I get more sense coming on here and ranting at the mo lol x Donver

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I hope you can get some one to one therapy soon, have you asked the doctor about it?

For me I think it is important to discuss it all with someone real, rather than a book

Wishing you well




i can have one to one if i leave the house but i cannot :( so its this way or no way x thanks for reply by way x



If you are unable to leave the house that must be very difficult for you. I wonder whether you can use this website like counselling and let people here help you - there are lots of us and it's free too.



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