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Moving to Sertraline

Hi All,

I've been taking 20 mg fluoxetine since 1999, and am about to switch to sertraline, just to see if it helps lower anxiety, and because a GP has advised it is better at treating GAD than Prozac.

How do I attempt the switch over?

Do I take both meds , overlapping them , and then taper down the Prozac and then go solely onto the 50 mg sertraline?

Any advice welcome!

I've been diagnosed with generalized anxiety, several times over the years.

In past years I have tried to come off the Fluoxetine, and 6-12 months later, just when I think all is ok, I hit some work or life stress and I end up with a total meltdown!

I've never been admitted to a hospital for the metally ill, but I suspect if I elaborated regarding the meltdowns I have had twice since 1999, then people reading may believe that I should have been.

It's very hard to judge how severe your own situation is, without the reference of other sufferers to compare with.

I'd say that I have my condition masked fairly well, and can just about function in society with a responsible well paid job.

I would love some advice.



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I went from 60mg Prozac to 100mg Sertraline, i just stopped taking the prozac and started the Sertraline.thats what my doctor advised.


How long have you been on the Sertraline?

Fluoxetine was good for me, it perks me up. No matter how bad a day I have , I can always wake up feeling positive.However , about once or twice a week I find I get anxiety at bed time, and will toss and turn until the early hours, sometimes not sleeping much or at all.

I decided that i had two options, ignore the insomnia and get on with life or withdraw and die!

I'm hoping that Sert has less anxiety as a side effect in it's curing anxiety !


If only it worked that way! I'm finding since restarting sertraline that the side effects seem to reflect your general state at the time. When I was anxious my side effects were agitation, 'hyper'ness and breathing problems. Now I'm not so anxious but more depressed my side effects seems to be fatigue and sleepiness.


The complexities of the human brain, intertwining of depression and anxiety symptoms, and the multitude of meds make for a truly unique take on it all from everyone!


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