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I seem to be less anxious today, can't say why, it just happens. I often wonder if food is a culprit and of course sleeping patterns. But I am having quite a few of the missed heart beats when it feel like a wave through the body and sometimes unsyteady for a few momentsl, Its almost like a shock. I notice it more when I'm tired or been standing for very long and also if I start to get stressed up. I'm reading so much about anxiety and panic etc I shall soon be an expert. Keep plodding on love to you all cotonroad

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Sounds like myself!! It goes through me like a wave and kinda feels like my brain moves inside my head type uneasy if that makes sense it's awful! X


Hi cotonroad

I'm glad today is better for you. Try not to think too much about why the uneasy feelings happen. If you can try to let the feeling just be there and let it wash over you it will fade. As we pay less attention to them and learn not to be fearful they do lose strength. I think the hardest bit is doing enough things to fill your day but not overdoing it too. tiredness seems to be a big trigger for me as i am more irritable and stressed and then the anxiety TRIES to take hold (dont let it you have come so far) sending lots of love eve x


thank you Eve, how right you are about the tiredness, it certainly iis a big factor. Relaxing when one is stressed and anxious is not always easy but well worth the effort . XX cotonroad


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