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Has anything worked for anyone?

Ive had cbt on and off due to no fault of my own and it seems to not help one bit, they mess me around and i feel i cant express my full problems. Has anyone been refered from their gp to someone more professional?? Or does it cost a bomb to get better.

i even paid for hypnosis but didnt do much good, bit of a con really, as i believe it takes more then one or two sessions to work

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So many therapies can be helpful...but you are right one or two sessions won't do it. That bothers me to no end.... Take advantage of whatever resources are available.


I am going to have CAT on the advice of my psychiatrist. Cognative analytical therapy. Looks at your past and how it has influenced your personality. He said cbt would never have helped me much or councilling. He is right have tried both and worked hard at them to no avail. X


Hi Michelle,

therapy costs vary depending on location of the therapist, experience and training. Counselling and psychotherapy can go up to £70 pounds an hour for experienced therapists in London, even higher sometimes. In these, you explore your issues and you embark on a journey that can lasts weeks, months or even years.

CBT costs can be even higher. A good therapist can charge up to £100 an hour in London. Usually a CBT course of treatment involves 6 to 8 sessions with a booster session at a later date.

Whether therapy works or not depends a lot on your attitude and the work you put into it. If you get into therapy thinking that it will not help you or thinking that you can be 'cured' in one or two sessions, then you will find it difficult to get any benefits.

In CBT therapists challenge the way you think and you work on changing the thinking that makes you anxious. CBT therapists are not necessarily interested in the cause of your problems but focus on changing the thinking that makes you anxious or panicky. The approach is not like going into therapy with a Counsellor where you talk through your issues. Counselling is also divided into many approaches so you should find out which approach may work best for you.

Hope this helps


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