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Hello,the title probably means nothing to any of you but today,its one of the things I have been looking at in my search for answers to all our questions,how to fix our anxiety.

Through all my jokey blogs and the changes in me that you have read about is a serious desire to help everyone here to get better or at least cope better.

I wont explain the title,you can google it if you like but as has so often happened recently,my eyes have been further opened today.I visited this project today and spoke to some very informed people about my anxiety and the fact that I cannot understand why I feel this way which causes greater anxiety.I cannot locate the traumatic event in my life that started it all.These well informed people understood,they had been there and then some,no war stories,no bullshit just a real understanding that actually made me feel quite emotional but in a good way,yes,someone understands.

There is a way,I know the route that I am following may not be your traditional one but it is very relevant.

If you look at the various treatments for recovering addicts,you will see,cbt,counselling,anti d's,groups,sound familiar.

I honestly believe that,at least for some,this may be the route to recovery,it is working for me,dont forget,I am not in recovery,I suffer from anxiety only and starting to feel better,you all know what I have been doing to get better.

I know,its ok for me,I don't have trouble getting out and about but if that's what it takes to improve,then it must be worth a try.

That was the gospel according to Castel,back to website clown tomorrow!

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Hi, doesn't matter how unorthodox a recovery method may seem, if it works for YOU. Enriching your life doing things you enjoy can only be a positive thing. I had a quick look at the project's webpage. Anxiety shuts down your life's interest, if you participate in creative activities your anxious thoughts will recede. I have, just this morning, put on my todo list 'find a singing group', something I've always loved doing. I've shut down all the things that made me happy, time to turn it around. Look forward to hearing your about your progress.


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