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This moment

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Sunshine, watermelons, chocolate chip cookies, a book and a dog....

Sending you love and a smile from my tiny little corner of the world

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Hi Danielle xYour little corner of the world sounds good to me

Happy Sunday dear one :) xx

Hope you’re having a great Sunday Agora ❤️❤️❤️

I am, thank you Short of having a furry friend, I have Sunshine, Watermelon

and Chocolate Chip Cookies lol We think alike :) xx

Now that is the definition of a great Sunday. Whenever anything chocolatey is involved good things seems to follow lol

I guess I make 3, though minus the watermelon. Yes, a good way to spend a Sunday. 😄🍪🐶📚🌞💗

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Agora1 in reply to melbrown

Hi mel x I hope all is well :) xx

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melbrown in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora1 🖐💗 A week until vacation, so trying to focus on that & on good thoughts. How are things in Chicago?🫂

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Agora1 in reply to melbrown

Chicago is hot just like most of the country.A vacation sounds good. Enjoy yourself, you so deserve it :) xx

❤️🌻🌻🌻 it was a great Sunday

I'm so glad Danielle :) xx

❤️❤️🌻 best way to do it

Sounds great!

It was a great Sunday

Nice day it sounds like. Is that your baby? Tell me about him/her. I would love to spend a day with a dog. They are the best.

I spent my weekend reading. One of my favorite things to do :)


That’s my big baby spidey, he’s a huge teddy bear and have an obsession with watermelons lol and he be forgetting he’s way bigger than me so he he crushing my legs when he want cuddles 🥰 . I’m always reading it’s one of my top favorite things to do

He is gorgeous. Yes he thinks he's a lap dog lol. He loves you.

Reading is great. Takes you away.


😄…great picture of spidey !! And blue sky !

Alan🌻, A little picnic at the park stuffing our faces with watermelons 😂

Thank you for your positivity! I really appreciate it this morning. Stay blessed xxx hugs

❤️ sending you hugs and positive energy hun

Thanks and to you too! Xx

Woof woof must be wagging their tail too!

True, especially when he’s excited

Thank you! You made me smile!😊

❤️🤗 sending hugs your way

Thanks for sharing some wonderful things. Some for me are lemonade, bicycling, singing, dogs, being in nature and reading.

You just listed my favorite things except singing lol I sound horrible but music and reading is definitely therapeutic for me i love it

I love all of those things too!🙂 It is so good to be reminded of our many blessings! Thanks for sharing yours!💞🤗

No problem love, we have to enjoy these little moments. Sending you hugs ❤️

wow!! thats a lotta dog!my sunday was sitting in the AC with iced coffee, my knitting and my dog next to me.

what kinda books do you like?

Lol that’s a 255 pound dog he’s like a huge fluffy teddy bear who eats a lot. I read classics, mystery, historical and science fiction, I’ll read any book except romance I’m not a big fan of romantic books

Excuse me Danielle for interrupting Are you talking about your furry friend Spidey is 255lbs??

I've never known a dog so large.

I thought my Shepherd at 120 was big lol

What a great protector you have by your side :) xx

Newfoundland are even bigger some are 300

Wow I live and learn every day :) xx

Most have a lot of health issues because of that, St bernards and Great Danes are usually 180 and bigger but Newfies dog top that

Lol and the English mastiffs are usually 230 pounds

How informative Thank you honey :) xx


If I had to pick one , it would be the dog . Life’s living, loving, teddy bears!

Lol the dog definitely is the best choice

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