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Will to live

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Curious, has anyone else pretty much lost the will to live , due to ongoing years of depression, sadness, life situations ,choices, mistakes etc? And also wondering if that has happened, other than faith, what are some other ways (other than spiritual/ in addition to spiritual),to change and help alter those beliefs and mindsets, which seems it could take a long time to change since it took a long time to get to that point?

FYI i am not speaking of suicide here or ideation. I am only talking about " losing the will to live" and those mindsets and beliefs that come from that.

Any personal experiences are most welcomed🙏🏻❤️🌺❤️🙏🏻

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I was going to reply until I saw your post isn't locked to this community for more privacy. I will respond if it is locked otherwise it will only be a generic reply with no personal info.

Separated at birth? 😁😁

It would be a miracle as I think I am a lot older than you! 😁😁

A pretty complicated delivery. 😋

Yes 😜

Ha ha. I never thought I would get old either. But if you live long enough it happens to everyone. :D

Dear leaningonjesus,

I'm not, too sure, -having read your 'Post' twice- exactly what you are asking. Is it regarding 'Strength' of Faith, and if it is Eroded- or Built up? Is it about you Faith in humanity, rather than 'just' Jesus? Are you simply asking, Fellow Christians, for our Support? If none of these, then please what are you asking?

I was 'Confirmed' as a Christian, in June 2016, after a few- necessarily unavoidable delays. We- the four of us- were, in actual fact, the first group Rev Susan had Confirmed, following her Ordination.... Quite a 'Honour' really.....

Since you, very clearly, DO 'Lean On Jesus', can I suggest that you offer Him a Prayer- in which you explain ALL your Fears, along with your Wishes/ Hopes for the future.

I'm 'happy' for you, to reply, on 'here' or- if you prefer- you can PM me.

In the mean time can I offer you My Very Best Wishes' in His Holy Name.

God Bless You


For me I asked myself when and what was my happiness. Went back to that. U have something that makes u the Happy. Praying for you

Hello, Back in 2012 I had a nervous breakdown and I had lost the will to live, was suicidal and extremely overwhelmed. I was hospitalized for 7 days. My medication was corrected but it took work to get over it. My psychiatrist told me it would take at the very least one year to recover. And honestly it did but I have been much better since.

I had to reevaluate my relationship with my son because his spouse and his in-laws were toxic. I had to become estranged from them and my son. It was one of the things that had highly stressed me emotionally and I had to choose my mental health. It was very difficult. My advice is to ask for assistance to get your medication corrected and changed or stabilized. It helped me tremendously. I'm very glad that I have been able to get control over my mental health since then. It took work and thank goodness I have had access to a good team to maintain my health.

Please seek more mental health assistance. Feeling like this can be catastrophic for yourself and those who are in your life. Life is very much worth fighting for. I send you my prayers and support. I know it's a terrible way to feel and doing anything takes great willpower and everything is a struggle. I was embarrassed and felt ashamed for being hospitalized but it was truly a gift I took for myself.


Good morning,I can't say that I have ever lost the will to live. But I Have dealt with depression before. Through prayer and reading my bible, I have found truth, hope, purpose, and peace for my life.

Dear leaningonjesus,

I can identify with losing the will to live. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a few years back and that sent my world into a tail spin. I was a very active person and a lot of that has changed. I have a 16 year old son that I wanted to stay active for as well. I had a lot of questions for God but I have learned that GOD listens and he loves us. We just have to take our problems to him and thank him in advance for helping you. Then you just takes things one day at a time. I've signed up for a daily devotional that has helped me immensely. It is from pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback church in California. Here is the link to sign up for his devotionals. I highly recommend it. pastorrick.com then click on devotionals and input your name and email address. I'll be praying for you and keep leaning on Jesus.


yes, you describe very well what happens and the more severe the depression is, the less will one has left to just function. A solution is to introduce something that can be of interest to you.

Try and mix with people - no need to approach anyone, but even a farmer in a field that you are viewing from your mountain bike (if you have one), can be of great help. Anything that occupies the emptiness of your mind will do the trick. And if you pick up something physical as a distraction, thats great, because that has a bearing on how your mind works.

Worth a try !


be safe.

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