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I feel like giving up

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I feel like I have no one that really cares. I have been struggling with depression and severe anxiety for nearly 15 years now. I feel like every day just gets worse. I have a super stressful job. I really try my best every day, but it’s like I can’t do anything right! I am constantly being critiqued at work. I have a meeting with my boss today as I feel I need to talk to her about how I feel, but the feeling of seeing my boss today literally gives me cold shivers and I am struggling to breathe. I don’t know what to do anymore.

I am so alone in my apartment as lockdown gave me severe social anxiety and I just need someone to talk to.

Anything have advice for me?


Anxious little cat x

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No advice but you are not alone stay strong anxiety is awful .talk to your boss about how you feel people need to start understanding more about mental health xx

Thank you so much for your reply! ♥️ I have spoken to my boss and ended up bursting in tears as they still don’t take my mental health issues seriously. It really is a constant struggle and I wish more people understand the impact it can have in one’s life.Xxx

It’s very early where I’m at, but when I get anxious I say this, “The Lord is my light and salvation whom shall I fear. The Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid.” Think it’s from Proverbs but basically, I hope you know you’re awesome, I’d take away your fear and pain if I could, and I hope you don’t let your depression/ anxiety make you feel less than. You’re not less than- you’re more than enough so hang in there. Always hang in there!

I mention it’s early bec. it’s probably not the best advice I could give, but if I could say the words you need to hear to make you feel better I would. Hugs- sucks to feel alone, but you’re not alone. Message anytime. It’s 2:30 am in Texas (I have insomnia) so may be late responding back if u do ; ) take care!

Thank you SO much for your advice and prayer. I definetely needed it this morning. ♥️ Good to know that I have someone to talk to! Lots of love, all the way from South Africa xx

Sometimes we just need to not feel alone with this horrible illness . Coz thats what it is people need to recognise that the brain can get sick to . I'm really struggling at the min and just waiting to see a bit of light with my situation everyday is a struggle but having people that understand what your going through helps alot xx

Thank you SO much for your kind words! ♥️ Good luck for you as well! It most certainly helps speaking to people who are going through the same illness. Thinking of you! X

You are much more than your little work environment defines you we. There's a whole world out there just waiting to see you.

I needed to hear this today! 😭♥️ Thank you SO much!

Hey littlecat, seems like it's been a while now since your first post. How'd it go? I see that you got a lot of it off your chest with your boss, but has anything improved yet? I'm hoping that you at least feel better. Prayers your way.

Hi SirGrits! Thank you for your message! To be quite honest, after talking to my boss I feel more discouraged than ever. She totally disregarded the struggles that I have with my mental health and told me that I need to be more tough otherwise “the world will eat you up alive”. I feel so stuck in my job. I know I can’t really complain as I should be so thankful to have a job. I need to get out of the marketing industry. I hope once I have something less stressful that I will be okay 😔

Hi, I happen to be 50 years old, and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back when I was 16. It's been rough for me. Some people don't understand that I'm not violent and I don't do drugs, but it IS a disability!!!!! I can work but I can't handle full time!!!!! Honestly, if your employer is trying to work you to death, you may want to have some courage to take a little bit of a stand and tell them,. "I need this day and that day to always be my days off.". Lie a little and tell them you have a sideline business where you NEED this particular day of the week to be always OFF. I know you're worried about them cutting your hours, but you can only do so much!!!!

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