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I feel like giving up


these days everything is just way too hard for me. Even the things I am great at, I keep on messing it up. It takes me way to much willpower to get up from bed every morning. I don't know what to do. I just want to give up.

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Please don’t give up. Life can be good again. I’ve had times when I have felt just like you do but please just believe it won’t always be like this........

Thank you for your words, it really means a lot

I give up all the time. There is no book that says I have to be me today or this afternoon. I will do nothing or something different. I’ll step off this path for big, little, or no reason. I give up. Who cares? It’s my life. I’ll get in my car and drive. My dad just passed away. I almost drove to a different state but I found out how cold it was there. Nope. I’ll drive to warm.

Ending things is cool but you don’t have to end your life to do it. Pick something to change or dump out of your life. It can make a huge difference. Save your brain.

Besides we need you.

Sending strength and peace


Thank you so much, I really needed it. I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. All we can do is hope it gets better

Hope is everything. We have that and each other and this group.

Feel the same way, but the fact that we’re still here means something. We’re still fighting and its exhausting, but just keep telling yourself that tomorrow will be the day things get better, even if you don’t believe it. Lie to yourself until it no longer is a lie, it gives you a reason to make it to tomorrow. That’s what I’m doing. I will send you encouragement bc i find it easier to encourage others when I can’t encourage myself😊

thank you so much! I hope things get better for you too!

When was the last time...

you colored in a coloring book?

Picked a recipe out of a book and just tried it?

Go on YouTube and learn how to do a new dance.

Next time you are passing a mirror in your house make a funny face and make yourself laugh.

Adults need to play too. Play tomorrow and then see if you can concentrate on your daily tasks better.

Thank you for your advice!

I love my coloring books.

readinginthedark never give up. for you are valuable. you are worth every effort. believe in yourself. Yes, times can seem hopeless but, never give up. take time to refocus on positivity. the things you are good at doing. breath in fresh air. listen to soothing music. talk to us on here. you are enough and WILL get thru this. hugs of encouragement. :)

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