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Effexor for Trauma TX?

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Can anyone help me? I’ve shared my Traumatic events with 3 psych’s in past yr to no avail...

I’m currently prescribed Effexor & Remeron. Unable to focus & no desire to do anything.

I’ve been so clear as to what I need.

Any feedback would b so appreciated...

Thank You!

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No advice from me, but welcome here! There is a Healthunlocked community called "Heal my PTSD". Maybe they'd be able to help you better? Would you like the link?

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Thank You!

I’m taking Effexor too. But also some other meds for anxiety. If ur anxious I would ask doctor about propranolol and Buspirone And Doxepin at night.

If it's not too upsetting can you say something about the traumatic events that led you to be prescribed the medication ? Don't worry if you don't want to share - just trying to understand where you are coming from so that we can help you

I take Effexor as well. Hard for me to focus and I never went to do anything. Ugh the struggle

I discovered that I was taking too much Effexor. I felt like I was dead inside with no desire to do anything. I cut my dose down just a little and sat with that for several weeks. The first day or two it was weird, but I stuck it out. I was taking 4, 75mg tablets a day (for malabsorb issues I had to spread them out). I've now stopped at taking 3 per day and I can feel joy again. I worked with my doc closely over the past several months and I'm glad I did. I would strongly suggest your doing the same. I don't know what the other drug is that your taking so I can't give any advice on that. Good luck with your journey!


You didn't mention what dose or how long you'd been using effexor. Im not familiar with the other one.Personally, I think a lot of us are more symptomatic with our various disorders.

The last year hasn't exactly been a stellar one. We've all had to alter our lives and disrupt routines.

I've taken effexor previously. It was okay for a while. But I needed something different. Didn't have any real issues with it 😕

In the meantime, make your med problems known to your provider. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the right ned and dose to be effective.

Hang in there 🙏

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