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Dopamine Detox

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I did a dopamine detox a month ago for 15 days. No music, fapping, movies, tv series, junk food. It helped me a lot and I got used to it.

I'm doing one again. And it hurts cause I've seen so many TV series and all in the past few days that I am feeling restless not doing it. It hurts but I'm going to see this through for 15 days.

It helps to see things around you and focus in yourself rather than just instant gratification. It teaches us how to achieve delayed gratification.

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Interesting and very disciplined

I think I might need to do a digital detox. I'm WAY too hooked on my smartphone and going online. It's gotten so bad I have trouble trying to read a book now. And I used to love to read.

That’s interesting! Sounds like giving the brain a reset!

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