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Medical Problems=Anxiety and Spiraling


today i was given a possible diagnosis for a health issue that could possibly grow worse and lead to more problems in my future. i am filled with so much anxiety and feel myself slipping in an episode of depression thinking there’s nothing i can do and that i deserve all of this. i know i have things i can do to help some aspects of this but i can’t help but think of all the negatives and bad possibilities.

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one_direction, The best thing you can do right now is put on the brakes to those negative thoughts. They are not helpful in any way. You used the words "possible" and "possibly" in your first sentence. No where did I see the word "probable" and even if it should come to

that, you will take it step by step and get through it.

This is the problem with anxiety in that we immediately focus on the negativity and bad possibilities. We put ourselves in a hopeless state before we are even sure there is a problem. We have to put a little more faith in ourselves and the doctors. Second guessing them or reading into what they say, makes us worry sometimes for nothing.

We are human and things will happen from time to time. Try relaxing your thoughts some.

Talking about your fears can help as well. We are here for you come rain or shine :) xx

thank you. i really needed to hear this❤️

It's going to be okay. We will get through this together. This forum is amazing.

Do not worry, we've got you :) xx

Hello, I am sorry to hear about the news that you have received from your doctor. When I have some life storm happen that I do not think that I am going to get through, I go to my Bible and read in the book of Psalms. My favorite passage in Psalms is 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." Then I sit there and soak up those words. God, is the "Great Healer" He can take our heart, mind and soul and give us peace amongst the most difficult times in our lives. Then I close my eyes as I sit there and I pray to Him. Sometimes no actual words come to my mind, but I just reflect on His just being there with me and that is just enough for me to feel at peace with my circumstance, knowing that God has control. I am praying for you!

thank you. this means a lot🙏🏼

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