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Cannot face another day

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I can’t carry on like this, I’m done, I don’t want to go through this suffering every day, what is the point.People say hang in there it will get better but it isn’t it’s getting worse every day. I know there’s no quick fix but surely there should be some hope which there isn’t.

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I can relate. I had an awful day yesterday but today is a little better. Sometimes it does get better. I know it's hard to believe that though when you're feeling really down.

Every night I go to bed hoping the following day I will feel just a tiny bit better but this anxiety is getting the better of me.

Yes, I know what that is like. Mine can get so bad I don't even know what to do with myself. Is something going on that's making your feel bad?

There’s loads going on but feeling these physical symptoms every day with no let up, even with medication is torture xxx

Sending (((hugs))) and prayers. Trust me I understand. Anxiety is terrible. I've lived with it for so many years.

I love your “Name”. It says a lot about who you are deep inside and I know it is difficult for you to imagine that “that” person exists anymore. Not knowing who you are or if you are seeing anyone about your depression I hope that you are. If not, please do. If you think that at any time you might harm yourself please call the Crisis line that should be in your phone book. Or call 911. At the very least call a friend. But, don’t suffer alone; reach out for help. Please. And, come here as often as you like.

Thank you I’m in the UK.. I have family here but they don’t know how bad I am as they cannot deal with it.I’m on medication and having talking therapy but it’s not helping.

I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. My roommate has debilitating anxiety and sometimes feels just like this for long stretches of time... They feel like they are done and that there is no point in going on. I don't know if this will help you, but I try to remind them of their family who loves them, their friends who want to hang out with them again... I don't know what your triggers are, but I do know that you are loved, capable and strong, You've gotten this far, and I truly hope you keep going

Thank you what a lovely person you are. Just wish my partner was like you but if I try and talk to him about it he can’t handle it.I am struggling with the physical anxiety symptoms as well which is what I can’t deal with

There is always hope , this life involves suffering I take comfort from the fact that this life isn't forever , although I do believe in an after lifeAlso I think it is important to do the right thing while we are here , recognise opportunities, also recognise responsilities of being kind and nurturing others , I see these things looking back at life

There is a reason to your life even if you can't see it yet

It's not Impossible that you may feel better one day.

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