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Anyone out there?


I’m new to this group and am wondering if there is anyone out there dealing with Agoraphobia, depression and anxiety?

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Hi how are you - normally very very good support here

Was that for me?

Thank you! I need a little support right now.

Welcome Dallas_Cowboys to a great support forum.

You will find many who experience the same issues as you,

including myself who dealt with Anxiety & Agoraphobia for years.

I'm glad you are here with us. :) xx

Thank you! Do you mind if I ask if you still have those diagnoses?

I do not. It took me a long time to get to where I am right now.

I had promised myself that I would pass my success forward and

then I found this amazing forum to do so. Everyone has their own

journey and you can learn from each and every one of us.

It may not be easy but well worth the outcome. :) xx

Good for you! Hoping and praying that I’ll be on that side too someday😊

With the help of all the good caring people on this site, you will reach a better

understanding of Anxiety & Agoraphobia. Just know there is no magic wand

or magic pill to quickly heal you. You must peel away the layers of fear that

caused anxiety to become so overwhelming. Once you do and you accept anxiety for what it is, a negative thought gone wrong, you will take your first step forward.

It takes believing in yourself, never giving up, never doubting that you will get better.

A book or video on YouTube may help you get started.

Dr. Claire Weekes' "Hope & Help for Your Nerves" is a theory this psychiatrist had

when she herself was struggling with Anxiety. Her theory is now used all around the

world and that theory is ACCEPTANCE of Anxiety not being harmful. It is but a lie

that our mind tells us and then when we focus on it, it grows into overwhelming fear

of fear.

You can find her video on YouTube and her book on Amazon. :) xx

Thank you so much! This is a great place for me to be!

You are not alone. We will help you through this. :) xx


Jstbcuz in reply to Agora1

Wonderful advice Agora 1. I have read Dr. Claire Weekes' book. It helped me so much.

Agora1 was very helpful the first day. Where can I get that book?

Online. Or check your local library.


I'm here brand new


Welcome! I’m new too. We can do this together!

Welcome to the group. I'm sure you will find some support here. I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you.

Thank you so much!

Welcome Dallas_Cowboys,

This Forum is a saving grace. It's a community of incredibly supportive individuals who share how they feel as they offer you continual unconditional support and helpful advice.

I am dealing with exactly what you're asking. Continual, horrible depression coupled with major anxiety. On particularly rough days I also deal with a type of agoraphobia. I only can takes my two dogs out, usually 4 to 5 times daily and at night They are angelic souls. I also take them for a longer walk that lasts about an hour then a welcome rest in the fresh air.

There are times, however, when I can only take them for a long walk after dark.

You have my best wishes and consistent support.

Hi! Thanks for responding . I am unable to leave the house but to get the mail. I have had depression since my childhood and my anxiety is crippling. I have a roommate that does everything for me! I miss my family in NY but I can’t go back up because my friend helps me with my bills as I’m on disability. I think that’s where a lot of my depression comes from. Im so glad already that I found you all. I need you now more than ever!

Having computer problems...have to call company for help...don't know if you'll get this but I wanted to soon as I can I'll write. I have to click 1 letter at a time on this keyboard that pops up on monitor...if you get this, please try to have inner-peace throughout your day.

I got it! Good luck with your computer. Talk soon.

It's Saturday, Dallas_Cowboys, Want to underscore that you are NOT alone!!!

How are you feeling today?

I have been suffering with all 3 the last few years but I am starting to find some freedom the last 6 months. I now am off of all meds. It has been hard work. The change comes from challenging and changing your thoughts. I have had to forgive everyone including myself for any and all hurts against me. That doesn't mean staying in harmful relationships. I am endeavoring to set new goals for myself and take small steps to move forward. I continue to seek God and lean on Him for wisdom, love, strength and guidance. I wish this for you also.💕

So you can go out, not take meds and deal with your depression? I can’t imagine that life? I want to get better but I am having a very difficult time. I’m very proud of you and I hope that for me! 🙏 Thank you.

Thats the lie you have to stop believing, "I can't imsgine that life". Yes you can. Our life is formed in the mind first. You have to change your thinking. You can do it. I am no smarter than you are! Hugs!💗Tara52

How did you change your thinking?

There are alot of good CBT wotkbooks out there. Cognitive Behavior Tharapy: Retrain Your Brain. You can watch on YouTube some videos on CBT for free. I saw someone suuggest Claire Weeks book on anxiety, thats a good one too If you can getp a hold of a Message Translation Bible and read the Psalms, thats helped me tremendously. The key is to write put all of your most troublesome thoughts, realize they are lies and replace them with more positive ones. What do you want your future to look like? For example I was told as a teen I was too "stupid" to become a nurse. So for years I worked at low incomr jobs I hated. When in group therapy with good support I changed my belief about myself and moved forward with some hard work but achieved my goal and became an RN. What would you like to do?

Welcome to the group. I deal with obsessive thoughts, anxiety, and depression and have done since I was in my mid teens (a long time ago now.)

Hi, welcome. This is a great place for help and advice. Hope you are virtually talking to a therapist, for they are very helpful. Ask questions, talk to people and try to stay active with exercise and hobbies. God Bless you. Stay in touch.

I also experience all 3 daily. The agoraphobia started a couple years ago and I've had anxiety and depression since a little child. I forced myself to go to a mall yesterday with a friend as I had not been out in days and I had such bad anxiety attacks, I was sweating profusely and felt like people saw me. I had to run outside. But for me, I'll try again. I need to "accept" my anxiety but I haven't learned to yet. I dont know how. We are here. Thank you for posting.

Hi Dalls_Cowboys, Let me begin by saying i love your name! My favorite team! I have anxiety and depression. this forum has saved me many times. i am glad you found it. Use it! we all support each other and it is a wonderful well...


You will find a lot of support here. Just knowing you are not alone is comforting. I have been meditating. I found a wonderful guided meditation called the Mindfull Movement, you can Google it. It is free and she has a lot to choose from. Getting your body in a relaxed state is important. Once you can do this a couple times a day, your body is more relaxed and you can better deal with the stressors that you are dealing with.

Thank you! I will do that.

Yes I am for years on and off. I know EXACTLY how you are feeling and others, even your loved ones don’t or can’t understand it because it cannot be explained to them!

Yes, my family just thinks that it will all go away. It’s frustrating. I try not to pay attention, it’s hard sometimes!

I am beginnung to lean toward this.

The support that I’ve gotten in the past 2 days has been awesome! Lean in, it’s a positive place to be!

I am new here too, and suffer from depression, but recently developed GAD. Major depression comes and goes, and I understand the trigger. GAD is horrible and I am struggling to overcome it. But I am thankful I do get out. I find going to outdoor music events most relaxing and helps relieve anxiety for those moments. Hope u find the support you need on this site.

Thank you!!!!

Welcome! I hope you find this forum helpful and supportive as I have! I’ve been struggling with both depression and anxiety for numerous years. Been in therapy and on/off meds for a long moment now. I’ve also dealt with a lot of social anxiety, and this has always made social situations and outside stressful!

Thanx for responding. I also have agoraphobia. So I have all 3 to struggle with. It’s so hard to be alone and can’t go anywhere. I hope that one day this becomes a dream!

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