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What are some signs that you are going to have an episode? A Manic Bipolar Episode or Episode Of Depression


One signal for me is my mind begins to ruminate

I get stuck on certain repetitive behaviors

I get confused when I try to concentrate

Another is change in appetite

I want to do less or much more

I feel like I’m slipping into another world like a dream

When I feel distant from others

Getting paranoid feeling

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Trigger Warning

Some signs for me that I'm slipping into a depressive episode:

I start to feel like there is no point to anything.

Withdrawing from everyone and activities that I enjoy.

Ruminating on wanting to "go home" even though I am home.

Inability to focus.

Physical and mental exhaustion.

Suicidal ideation.

Thanks for sharing those Bluestars

You're welcome. There are more, but those are the signs that came to mind easily. I just got out of a two month-long depressive episode, so it's pretty fresh in my mind.

I’m glad that you are out of the depression now.

bonkers65 in reply to Starrlight

I'm glad too.

Yes, indeed, to the wanting to go home even though I’m already there! And of course, all the others, but I was sure I was probably the only person alive with the “I want to go home” thing. Thanx, I don’t feel so bad now!

Wow, I've never met anyone else who had the wanting to home symptom! It's so difficult to describe to people. It's like the light inside you disappears and you think if you go home you'll find it, but then you realize home is the depression.

I have problems because of my age, if I need to remember appointments etc I write down on a callender what needs to be remembered. or I need notes on my desk etc.

If we have a mental health problem we all need to be able to leave notes in the best position around the house. Just because we become insular in our ways and our memory takes a walk does not mean your Depression needs you to forget things that need to be done.

Sometimes writing in various colours can also help to differentiate the thing you need to remember, weather a hospital appointment or the van is dropping of your shopping for the week etc



Jam with you exactly me

I stop eating and I stop sleeping. Food just doesn't sound good and the thought of sleep sends me into a panic attack.

My depression is causing me to do all of these things except do more. I do less and have to force myself to do that.

Time starts to feel so slow.

Minutes seem like hours.

Want to sleep all the time.

Have to combat myself at every decision.

No will to fight.

Wishing you well hun hang in there 🙏

Wondering if I am bipolar because I have some crazy periods of doing a “lot” of stuff and having crazy energy. The whole while wondering when it’s going to come crashing down

Can you see a psychologist to get evaluated?

I have a hard time listening to a very educated person that doesn’t have mental health issues telling me to think a certain way. I know I have power over my thoughts. I physically feel “off” more so than my perspective on my thoughts. For me depression hits hardest anymore as waves of lack of energy. Every once in a while I feel amazing but still cautious. I’m open to listening to y’all more than a doctor on this matter

I was evaluated at a psych treatment stay facility tears ago major depression/anxiety.

I still have moments of creativity and can move well and am very active. But my “holes” are dark and scary out of nowhere. Seeing a photo, hearing a song, can all bring me to a daze that can shut me right down.

What do you mean by holes? Do you mean times with depression?

Yes....I can feel mentally on a certain path and perspective and then like a wave of invisible weight pulls me out of that perspective and path into a frantic mindset of panic and hopelessness. I can still recognize it but the energy that it takes to expel these negative thoughts and get back on track is exhausting. It’s like I fall in a hole and waste so much time for days or weeks and then one day I wake up and feel lighter and everything is easier and less frantic.

I suppose this is the “acceptance” and “floating” that the more experienced members on here speak of.

But good grief old age seems like a far reach for me some days.

We all suffer 💪💪💪💪🤷

Lose interest in my hobbies. Appetite is worse than already. Brain fog

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