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In need of friends!


Hello all! I am beginning to expand my horizons, and build a community for myself. I suffer from some pretty intense anxiety and depression, and I feel I could use some friends, and more people to talk to about everything.

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hello! i just joined and have similar goals if you are looking for an anxiety buddy!

Shrubbery in reply to nic013

That would be absolutely wonderful 😊

This is def the place for u to be then😁We r all a pretty great bunch of people here.

Shrubbery in reply to hippolove1

Thank you for being so welcoming and supportive!

hippolove1 in reply to Shrubbery

No to help😊

I'm new here too and in the same boat. This seems like a really nice community where we can support each other. I hope you're feeling the love like I am so far!

hippolove1 in reply to lofi_cat

Hey..welcome to u as well..newbie😁

Shrubbery in reply to lofi_cat

So far I am!

Hi and welcome :)

Welcome Shrubbery to this amazing forum.

You just took 2 important steps in reaching your goal.

First, is coming onto this support site and Second , as your profile

read, "I'm ready to take charge" Powerful words that we can help

you attain. :) xx

Shrubbery in reply to Agora1

I would love nothing more than to attain those things ❤️

Hello I’m new here to😍😍always an ear for ya

Shrubbery in reply to Colorado2

I appreciate that a great deal!

hippolove1 in reply to Colorado2

Wow..lots of newbies tonite..Welcome to u as well new friend.Hope ya enjoy being with all of us.😁

Hi and welcome :)

A hobby might be what you need. There are plenty of options out there. What is your favourite hobby? You might find this article helpful to read

Shrubbery in reply to thara9643

I think picking my hobbies back up may help a lot, but I gotta be careful so I don't spend all day with them 😥 but I paint, play violin, sing, sculpt, and write. I think I may be lacking a lot of structure, and discipline, but I know incorporating at least one of those things more regularly would help too

thara9643 in reply to Shrubbery

Try it.

You literally have nothing to lose. If you have a paint brush and other art supplies, then start at home. There are many art and craft books and YouTube tutorial videos that are also worth watching too. Start there and see what happens as a result It cannot hurt at all either to try learning a new skill.

You will make new friends that way.

Or you could sign up for formal art classes at a studio etc. Good luck to you. Buy a art kit at a local art store and just go for it. What other sort of things do you like doing? Trust me when I say that everyone needs to have a hobby even those who are locked up. Maybe try developing structure perhaps? Do not look back. A hobby is a lifesaver literally.

As for the violin, are there any music shops in your area? If so, enquire about music lessons. If not, search online. There are online directories of tutors willing to teach you at reasonable prices. Email a couple for additional details. You will love it eventually.

What sort of things do you sculpt?

Hi, I'm new also.

hippolove1 in reply to crisbal

Newbies everywhere,lol

Welcome aboard😁

Hi and welcome :)

Hi and welcome :)

You have definitely come to the right place there are some fantastic people here! :)

Hi. Welcome! Hope you find lots of support and friends here. It’s a great place to be to talk about issues and relate to others 👍

Hi there!

I could really use some new friends myself! I have anxiety and depression, and have only recently realized that I have had both for much of my life.

I am in therapy -- just switched to a new therapist -- and I am hopeful.

If you want to chat, I'm here.🙂🌈

Hey I'm about a lot too I'm here if you ever want a chat😊

Hi you’re in the right place, I Too suffer from severe anxiety and depression off and on for about 36 years. I’ve been having trouble dealing with things, I’ve Blacked out sometimes when having to deal with things. I get so anxious to get Home sometimes that I’ve even forgotten groceries that I’ve bought, this has happened several times and One time I paid for gas and didn’t pump it. So I’m here for You if you want to Vent? 🙏😷

Yo i'm also here for you if you need a bro advice.✌️

And I'm also in need of new friends.

We're all friendly on here, if you dont mind someone who says it as it is I'm your man.

If you want someone to tell you only what you want to hear, maybe I'm not.

But you can always count on us to be here, anonymously, to support you.

I suffer from anxiety and major depressive disorder. I understand. I would love to be a friend that you can talk to and share with. Living alone, I understand how hard it can be, very hard. Let me know if you ever want to talk things out or share. I'm here.

Welcome. There are some people on here that are really cool.

I’m here if you ever want to talk

Hi shrubbery, I suffer from intense anxiety which leads to depression. I'm on guanfacine which helps my anxiety and lessens my depression somewhat. Please contact me anytime to talk. Regards Marc

I also have some pretty heavy anxiety issues and bouts of depression. I try to always keep a hopeful outlook and my faith in God guides me. I would love to talk to you anytime 😊🌻

I would like to help you out in this however I am a Christian and some do not want to hear Faith based answers.

I need the same thing would love to be your friend

Another newbie here looking for a community. I find it hard to make and maintain friendships cos of depression and social anxiety.

Luvumore in reply to Marmitebaby

I totally relate.. my anxiety has me in a pretty antisocial pattern these days.. it's difficult normally and the pandemic due hasn't helped.. reach out anytime

Marmitebaby in reply to Luvumore

Aww thank you, you too.

Id love to be. I need same thing. Pm me anytime

Hello! I’m also new here and would love to connect 🙂

Hello! I need friends, please include me

I'm also looking to make more friends, so feel free to message me. I'm more active on the ocd community group.


Hey there shrubbery.. we could all use some good friends.. you're in the right place lots of good people on here.. feel free to talk anytime, we've all got done things we could use sort in..😉

I am also a Newbie here and just from reading responses, feel like this will be a place to come and be myself. I suffer from too many things to list but right now I suffer from loneliness desperately. I am a widow, live alone, well except my babies, my 5 cats (yes crazy cat lady) but my babies have literally kept me living..

Hello and wecome. I am new to this also. I could use some also. It's nice to have a place like this with people who understand. You have my support.

Hi 👋 I’m Shnookie and I’d like to be one your buddies. U have come to the right place. I have found great support when I have issues. Especially during COVID,

I know that this exacerbates the anxiety and depression. Trust me I can emphasize with U. I’m Jewish and tonight starts

Yom Kippur the holiest day of the Jewish

year. Tho I can watch some of the

synagogue services virtually it will

Still lack the presence of worshippers

around me. I’m going to make the best

of it. Have a peaceful day. I’m in your corner. Hugs 🤗 Shnookie

Feel free to talk to me. I know where you are coming from.

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