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Room makeover


Im doing okay, my therapist gave me this idea, turning my room into my own little sanctuary, so when I get home from work I'll be sleeping in my own little sanctuary. Breathable colors and paintings

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❤️🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 it was a great idea

Enjoy your little sanctuary.

💛 thank you

Sounds like fun Sunflower 🌻 Hopefully you find stuff that's peaceful. Lots of love & hugs. Hope you, the family & Spidey are doing well. Give Spidey extra belly rubs from me.💗💗💗

It was I got some really great stuff and 15% off since I have a friend that works there

Whoots 😊 What you get?

I got curtains, 2 paintings, the softest carpet ever made ,a mini sofa, pillows and bed sheets

I still need a few more stuff and then the makeover will start

Wow... going all out. Sound fun. Wonder how long before pup declares the sofa belongs to him 🤔 😅

Love it!!

Genius idea, thanks hun

Fun stuff. I love decorating. Enjoy it :)

Me toooo plus I had 15% off since one of my friends work there

Nice idea x

Where have you been??????!!!! Great to see you hun

Made a new post about it x so happy to see you too! 💕

Hope it helps you! Good to see you on here take care All. The best david

Sending you hugs and lots of love my dear David

Love this idea. Sounds relaxing already

It really is, I can’t wait to finish and see the results

Absolutely....I have done this, and it's made all the difference in the world for me as we have a busy house most weeks, and to be able to have your own world and safe place to retreat and regroup that is positive, and creative, and makes you feel good is the best medicine. I have to cocoon because of this health stuff, and also I like my I had to make it my own so I could feel nested, it's been a good change for me in my life. We can't change people places things or our disease, just how we choose to deal with it all.

So true, I love my space this idea was definitely great one I’m off this weekend so I willing start working on everything and see how it turns out

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