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How has your weekend been?


What is keeping you smiling? I’m in need of some positivity today and want to hear what you’re all up to

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I went for a gorgeous walk two days in a row. Love being outside.

What did you do?

Kevin87 in reply to Dolphin14

Oh that sounds great! I love exploring new parts of the neighborhood. I’ve been getting off at different train stops to see new things near me. Other than that I just worked today, and I got to work on more art projects and apply to new jobs

It wasn't today, but I was in a severe depression last week and I had divine intervention to break my mood. My dog, which is not in the habit of this, decided to pee against my fiancé's uncles leg when we were out for the day. I'm taking it as a positive sign, though the Uncle may not have!!!

Kevin87 in reply to Fireking1

Ha! That is amazing! Aren’t dogs great? It’s really interesting to me how deep we get into our own thoughts and emotions, but so often it’s what is around us to bring us back, whether it be family or a dog with a loose bladder :-) thanks for sharing that! I definitely laughed

I got some sleep. It was not ideal how I got it, but I felt more rested than any day last week. I went for a run with my husband, I WON. 😂😂😂

Now I get to eat a little larger today. 👍😜

Kevin87 in reply to RoxieDawn

Isn’t that great? I tried to eat a bit extra today as well, I was in a better mood so I decided to celebrate with the day. My week last week wasn’t great either, very dark. But you know what is helping me right now? Hearing that others are breaking through a bit

Well I had a lovely sleep, I finally found my Yoga tapes and spent an hour with them yesterday, I am out of shape, plan on another hour today. Yesterday the sun came out, it helped my spirits, we had been having rain and winds for days, today it is out again and I love it. Hope you have a lovely day......Love & Hugs....Sprinkle 1.....

Kevin87 in reply to Sprinkle1

I’m so glad to hear, sometimes it’s nice to spend time inside with yourself, and I can see how physical activity helped you. I’ve tried meditating recently to keep myself present but my best friend swears by yoga to help his anxieties


it was alright. I mostly worked on a matter. my dog always makes me happy. Best being in the world.

Dolphin14 in reply to Hidden

Dogs can make any day brighter. I'm glad you have that company.

Kevin87 in reply to Dolphin14

Literally the best!

Kevin87 in reply to Hidden

Your dog is so lucky to have you, one of my favorite things is exploring new spots with mine! Funny thing is I usually do it most when I’m feeling anxious or depressed. I swear he thinks we are explorers at this point....


It's been great! I've been preparing for a project that I'm doing and in a few weeks, I'll be able to see if I could win the contest! It helps get my mind off topics I don't want to think about.

Kevin87 in reply to Hidden

That’s awesome! What’s the project? Creativity always helps me, it’s almost like I’m learning depressions moves and my ace card is creating something..every.time.

Hey Kevin, beating Anxiety makes me smile any day of the week.

Little victories can push anxiety into the dust. Remember it's a game

and games are meant to be won my friend. Smile, it's a start to a winning approach. :) xx

Kevin87 in reply to Agora1

I agree completely! I feel like anxiety and depression are deceiving in many ways, so it’s as if we have to be just as strong or just as creative to trick it back into submission.

Sometimes the best thing when the world is pushing against us is finding a way to push back just as hard...

arym211 in reply to Agora1

This is such a true statement! 🙂

Reading this thread helps me smile. Thanks for asking. I am recovering from the flu and fell back into depression. I teach and thought I could go back to school tomorrow. Counting three blessings a day also helps me to overcome my negative feelings. I am grateful for my happy adult children, my return to health, and my job. I hope you are having a good day.

LadyZen in reply to PurpleT

What a great idea! I'm grateful for my job, my family (including my dog), and this thread.

Kevin87 in reply to LadyZen

Everyone is about their dogs in this thread! I love it haha!

I definitely agree with you, creative projects always help me with Sunday Scaries, or the scaries in general...

Kevin87 in reply to PurpleT

I’m so glad to hear it helped! Sometimes when I’m feeling my worst I want to hear about the victories of others, I was hoping everyone would find the same sentiment.

I always get like that when I’m ill, so I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been counting blessings lately as well and it really helps bring things back to reality. So glad to hear about your regained health and happy children!

Cheers to hard work and a solid day!

What great thread. I've had a busy weekend, including Friday because I took that day off. Friday was chore day, Saturday was family day, and today was church. I'm finally winding down to work on my novel before Sunday night work anxieties kick in.

Hi Kevin.

I am beginning to get more done. Yesterday I worked out at the gym. Today I took a walk with my husband and our two dogs. My dogs liked being somewhere new and it was good to be out in the fresh crisp air.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I intend to go to the gym again and move forward with other things.

Exercise really helps me.

Thanks for posting and asking.


Kevin87 in reply to Poodie

Experiencing things with my dog always helps, especially if it’s somewhere new I feel like its almost as if my brain restarts, very similar to after a good run or something!

So glad to hear you found activities to get everything out

Best wishes🖤

Poodie in reply to Kevin87

Thank you.

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