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Angry and Frustrated


I just went to a Doctor who was rude after looking at my file and seeing all the tests I’ve had done and the different specialty doctors I’ve seen. Made me feel like all of this is in my head which I understand it might be but my physical symptoms are not and to have someone basically tell me I’m crazy and dismiss my symptoms hurt a lot, and worries me that more doctors will do this and I won’t be taken seriously and I will be actually sick and pushed aside

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Don't give up, there are a lot of doctors like that, they are only for the money, but there are also good doctors that really care. Keep looking until you find the good one, believe me I went thru the same until I find a good one that really listened. Good luck

This happened with my daughter until I finally found a doctor who properly diagnosed her and treated her condition. Hang in there!

Dear mayaohh,

As others have shared, there’s many doctors out there. Years back I had to go through several therapists until I found the one that works for me. The same goes for my General Practitioner. It took several tries.

Luckily I found my therapist and doctor from referrals.

I hope you find the one that’s right for you and certainly caring as well as empathetic.



Been in your exact position. It’s very frustrating. Just keep believing in yourself and what you know are feeling. Do not allow a doctor to tell you that it’s in your imagination.... you know what you feel. Your symptoms deserve validation.

I hope you can get a 2nd opinion for this doctor’s very undeserving poor beside manner.

Don’t give up.... you are your best advocate! It’s hard and disheartening but keep trying to get what you need and deserve from a doctor....

So sorry you had to go thru this.....

Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Golden girls ? There was an episode where Dorothy went to different doctors and they told her to see a psychiatrist that it was all in her head. They were rude to her like you and took all kinds of test and got frustrated with her and such. It turned out that she had Fibromyalgia which is hard to diagnosed, it is a Real disease. I have a friend who has it. Ask the next doctor you see about it? Good luck

Hi mayaohh.

Yes , you will come across some rude doctors. Unfortunately you have to meet them to find out what they are like. Can you ask around to see if you can get a referral to a better, more thoughtful, and compassionate one who does not act like he knows it all and is so arrogant ? Can you ask your friends maybe ? Or look up their rating and of. comments on line?

Good luck. ❤️

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