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Buspar or lexapro


I honestly dont know the difference.

But what is your take on these two, that's if you have tried them both yourself or maybe had a good experience on one of them..

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Hi I have been on bus par 10mg 3x daily for 4 months .... and at the exact time I writing this ... I feel as if my heart is going to jump out my body .... I’m sweating , fidgeting non stop... all my usual panic actions ... I don’t know what to do , because they are becoming more frequent... any help pls , has any one been on these ... should I tell my doc there not working ! Help pls this is horrendous, so much so I know I will spend all day in my bed , hiding under my quilt ...

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4 months, I would see a doctor and try to maybe wean you off and switch to another type of meds perhaps lexapro. But 4 months I'm assuming you should be feeling somewhat better but your not.. do you have temporary xanax or klonopin to help with the jittery feeling and heart jumping. Request for those benzos in the meantime if you havent yet.

Dont worry nothing's going to happen to you right now it's just the body not accepting the meds or a side effect. But see your doctor asap and let him / or her know of your situation so that you can find something to make you feel better...in the meantime try not to think or focus on it. You'll be fine

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Thank you ... I just need to concentrate on getting through today ...I also take dosulepin at night ....x

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You got this👊

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