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I need some opinions please.


I am right on the edge of having a depression episode. That dreadful feeling, tightness in your chest and the desire to grab my bible, bury my face in pillow and just CRY!

The feeling is coming in waves and I have been able to control so far today but my question is:

Do I keep fighting it and pushing the feeling away or do I just let it all out and have a cry session?

I have done both before I just want to hear your advice or opinions.

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Def letting it out is better than holding it in. I often give this advice, write your feelings down, let it out that way, it really does help. You might cry as you are doing it, but it truly helps to write your feelings and thoughts down, it helps analyze and understand and of course to release and let go.

Let me know how it works.

Boomba76 in reply to wantobefree

I let it out and had a couple of melt downs. I did end up feeling better letting it out. Thank you for your reply.

I hear ya! Feel the same..especially here at Christmas.

I'm gonna try to start seeing a therapist.

Good luck

I carefully thought about this question before. My choice is to let it out, don't try to push it away. My experience is that, the more I tried to push it away, the more depressed I became. I read around a lot after I got depression and anxiety.

There is a famous therapist called Morita Masatake, and his method is called Morita therapy. His idea is that, when a symptom appears, the more we want to fight against it and control it, the more we'd aggravate our inner conflict, and the more we'd feel painful.

He suggested treating your depressed mood like a natural occurrence, just like the change of four seasons or the different weathers. sometimes you get summer, sometimes there is winter, sometimes there is sunshine, and sometimes there is rain. Just let your emotion flow, let admit them, and then ** important** , keep on doing the things that you are supposed to do, with your symptoms!! don't really lie down and got defeated by your symptoms, but don't fight against it. Just do what you are supposed to do with your symptoms.

I hope this helps. and i know it is always easier to say than to carry out. I just go a major panic attack last night. Let's work hard together!

Thank you for this! We are all in this together!!! I let it out and had a very rough day yesterday and today I felt much better. Thanks again.

I wish you all the best!

Cry out loud. It is better to let it out and go through pain rather pushing it away.

So glad that you were able to let some of this out. Know that you are not alone. A social worker that I was with once said that tears areally a pressure release valve for our emotions. Sometimes letting it out is helpful.

I know that keeping a journal of sorts has been helpful for me.

Perhaps like Hope you may find it helpful to seek counseling?

I would be glad to point you to some additional resources if you would find it to be helpful. I hope that today is a better day for you.

Thank you so much. I have an appointment on the 18th. Excited to dig deep and look for some root causes and to get some coping ideas.

Praying that your appointment goes well. :)

I think everyone is different, but sometimes just letting it out can be helpful. Cathartic? It can help get the frustrations out and let you refocus to figure out next steps. But as long as you make sure you’re in a safe environment.

And I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time. Hope you feel better soon.

There is no real answer to this.

Right now you might feel you don't know what you need , but trust me , it's a survival instinct, we always know what we need we just don't always see it clearly .

If I were you.

Take a sit down , alone in your free time.

Close your eyes.

And think about why and what is making you feel this way . It's going to be hard , you're going to want to give up and just break down anyways , but . As soon as you find the route of the problem , you will know what steps to take next .

Also remember.

It is okay to feel and it is okay to cry .

I have a daily cry Haha. Cause I have way to many emotions built inside of this heart

Maybe you do too.

And there is no better way then crying that put to the fullest extent ... screaming into a pillow if you have too.

And also remember while your world crashes just for a little while in the moment.

That when a storm comes , the most beautiful things flourish afterwords ...

Wishing you the best.

I hope this helps .

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