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Great week, then brain says "nope, no more!"

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The past month or so I have been off and on with this stupid anxiety brain funk. With an okay day here, a bad day there, a good day randomly in the middle. I have been taking citalopram for over 2 years now so I started to think maybe I need to go up a dose or possibly try another medication. Then suddenly I had an excellent few days! So I thought I was just having an off month. So much energy, I could relax my shoulders, happy to start the day, I am seeing the positive side to everything, a lot less stressed, not letting the little things bother me. It was amazing. I was overly happy even. Then last night I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart racing, tingling at the base of my skull, dizziness, and my left arm was tingling. I couldn't lay still, I kept kicking around, tossing and turning. Waking up every so often. It's not like the slowly wake up in a tired haze, but waking up like BAM, wide awake. With the left arm tingling, I start assuming heart attack. I feel my pulse and it is steady and strong. It lowers as I do breathing exercises. Then I feel okay but have the dizziness and doom and gloom feeling. I'm wondering if this could be a medication thing.... Or just another crappy depression and anxiety thing...

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I think you should try to work out what caused it the medication or you then you can look to see how you can fix it

You are not going to feel great all of the time you will.get depressed sometimes but you have to accept it then dust yourself off and get yourself feeling positive again

I am not currently and have never been on any medication for my anxiety so I’m unsure if it could be a result of your medication.

However, the same thing happens to me. I was having 4 good days then one night as I was trying to sleep whatever goodness I was experiencing left me. Nothing triggered it, it literally just happened. I don’t understand why or how anxiety/it’s symptoms can just pop up out of nowhere like that !


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I hate how sometimes it is impossible to find the trigger! So frustrating and then to get anxiety about your anxiety lol. It's an endless anxious cycle.

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Ikr! One time I was completely fine playing candy crush and then I had a severe anxiety/panic attack. I ended up at urgent care where the doctor told me “something about candy crush must’ve triggered you or it must’ve been an intense game!” To day the least, I haven’t played it since. I hate it!

Hi Bec. It could be the medication or as you say an off month. But I would try not to overthink it. If you’re okay now you’re okay now! I’m not familiar with medications if taking them a long time - as you have - and whether it’s usual for the benefits to wear off so that you have to either change dosage or medication? Other people on here might have some views but I’d book a doctor appointment so that they manage/review your treatment. With regard to the arm thing, likely you squashed a nerve which caused affects and then vicious cycle of anxiety worrying about the anxiety! I hope you have a peaceful weekend 😊

I just started a new medication and am feeling a little similar. Ive been feeling so good mentally, but physically have been off. I suffered from insomnia caused by anxiety. Some days I can sleep and some nights like tonight im waking up within an hour or not falling asleep at all. Lets work on figuring this out! Just know, you are not alone.

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