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Morning panic attacks/anxiety


Does anyone experience morning anxiety or panic attacks? Can someone suggest what are the best ways to cope?

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OMG I sure can relate. Although I’m doing better now, for a year and a half I woke up terrified of the day. I have a Major Depression/Anxiety Disorder and the meds are finally working. But it was so bad, my psychiatrist prescribed Xanax first thing in the morning so I could get out of bed. Of course the depression often sent me back to bed, but ...

It’s so horrible a disease. Debilitating. Extreme panic and the deep hole of depression suck.

Hang in there

For me, overcoming morning attacks started with creating a peaceful morning routine. I used to get up, make my bed, eat some breakfast, and then I’d either dance or do some yoga. It was kind of like, I told myself “I don’t like spending my mornings like this, what can I do to make it better?” And then I just tried to do different things in the morning to help me relax. Eventually I got into a good routine and the anxiety got more manageable.

kokkoo in reply to imasleep123

That’s soo awesome! Thanks! Do you meditate as well? Any particular favorite yoga poses?

imasleep123 in reply to kokkoo

I used to follow a dvd! It was called “shiva rea: flow yoga for beginners”. I liked it because she does a lot of breathing and stops to take rests a lot!

kokkoo in reply to imasleep123

Thanks sooo much! Very helpful! Have you heard of the Louse Hay?

I’m in the same boat! I wake up feeling horrible every morning. Extremely anxious. I would love to hear any suggestions too!! I feel awful even right now....

kokkoo in reply to amyo40

What do you like to do? For me it works to do what I like in the morning. I’m planning to create a healthy morning routine now

amyo40 in reply to kokkoo

I have 2 young children so unfortunately the things I like to do get bumped to the back burner right now. We are home a lot because of their ages and that is very hard because it makes me more anxious and isolated feeling

I totally understand. I have 3 kids and I have to get them ready in the morning for school. This causes a lot of anxiety. For me I set up everything the night before so that bags are packed, table is set for breakfast. Then I used the Calm app on my phone to medidate. It has helped. I know the isolation feeling, it is hard to get out when you have young kids. Do your best, talk a family member or friend and ask for one night away from your kids so that you can have one night of uninterrupted sleep. It will help

I deal with the same thing recently. Every morning, wake up with worries. I usually wake up a bit too early, too, so I have to sit in bed with them. Oddly, I sometimes get the urge to just stay in bed and wrestle with the thoughts / feel bad about them, but I usually feel (slightly) better once I get up and get going (as long as it's a reasonable hour, heh).

Morning is the toughest time for me. I am a night owl, so getting up at 6:30 for work is tough itself, but also work anxiety kicks in. So every morning I am tired and sad/anxious/irritable. I try to surround myself with positive news, so no TV for sure. I try to read some funny articles on Facebook while I get ready.

Unfortunately, I don't have time for extra activities, so I just shower, have some light breakfast and get ready to leave.

I also hope to find some ways to make my mornings happier...


Hi kokkoo and Welcome :)

For me, morning anxiety is helped by immediately meditating and deep breathing

the moment my eyes open. (before my mind has a chance to anticipate a new day,

new challenges and unexpected events)

The deep breathing I do on my own throughout the day and evening, keeping me

on a relaxed path. As for meditation, I use my headphones and listen to self hypnosis

and imagery. Mid afternoon, I stop to meditate on YouTube and before bed, I'm back

to my headphones before falling asleep.

I have found that using meditation throughout the day provides a more calming effect

rather than the ups and downs of anxiety out of control. Remember that the subconscious mind is storing everything throughout the day. We want it to remember

the respite times we had as well. This has worked for me over the years. :) xx

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