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Anxiety/ Depression Management Ideas

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Hey, this is a broad question posted to everyone but I was wondering what helps people manage their mental illness outside of therapy that has worked for them? I'm thinking of adding something to my weekly routine to help me manage depression/ anxiety and was wondering what worked for you and why? Thank you in advance!

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Mindfulness activities like meditation, deep breathing, yoga.

Doing something I love, being with people I love, laughing with people I love. I'll bet you see a pattern here!

I've done meditation and it works for short period for me. Coloring is a great way for me to deal with both anxiety and depression or some other kind of arts and crafts.

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mommyO in reply to AnxiousGirl87

I ❤ coloring too!

I'm starting therapy next week but in the meantime, I've been trying to get out and go to at least one place a day, even if my anxiety is telling me not to go. I've also been coloring in adult coloring books, it seems to take my mind off my anxiety for a short time. I hope you can find something that works for you. It's a tough road.

For me personally, just filling my time with activities that I enjoy. Some examples (not all of these are what I do specifically, but they're just some great suggestions) are: singing, dancing, reading, writing, meditation, yoga, exercise, cooking/baking, painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, volunteer work.

Lots of exercise and other activities that keep you busy and anything that keeps your mind active.

Volunteer work has helped me! Doing something that helps others really makes a difference with regard to my depression and keeping busy helps my anxiety. It has an added plus, in that I'm able to make friends as well!

Good Luck,


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Hi Chad-ganda!

How are you doing?


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Chad-ganda in reply to mjlitl13

Im doing great. I am at a better place that what I truly deserve because God favored me so much. I am no longer bothered with my anxiety for already two days now and am so Thankful to the Lord for giving me the courage and for making me strong enough to fight my anxiety. I know God did not change my circumstance, He changed me. I believe in Jesus who is a divine healer. There is no problems in life he cannot solve much more no disease he cannot cure.


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mjlitl13 in reply to Chad-ganda

Happy to hear that you are doing so well!

I am in a new support group that is a bit different than the other ones.

The leader is using the BIG BOOK of AA to help with Emotional Recovery!

It is based on whatever Higher Power you believe in. I too believe in Jesus and, although this new group is a bit difficult, complete with assignments each week, I am beginning to get closer to God and am dealing honestly with my issues.

Sometimes it gets very intense, but I am now feeling like I am on a good path to recovery.

Take care,


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Chad-ganda in reply to mjlitl13

Mj could also take me to that new support group. How can I join?


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Pearl67 in reply to mjlitl13

So you are not an alcoholic? This is strictly for emotional issues?

Prayer and quiet, and (not at the same time) keeping busy with work or friends and things that focus you, like a movie.LD

I am trying- that is all I can say. Exercise , and B vitamins and 5 htp.

Walking everyday, hanging out with friends and family, coloring, cooking!

A great question.

I do alot daily, walk 30 min, write gratitude list, pray, meditate.

Try to watch comedies and laugh, go easy on news. I do teletherapy with a counseling grad student.

take 5htp, metlyfolate, Ashwaganda, turmeric, ginkgo. vitamins, eat healthy, no gluten.

Mindfulness and radio

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