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Anxiety at the same day/ time every week


Hi everyone !

It is Saturday night and here I am freaking out again 😩 I am at home watching tv so no triggers that I can think about it .

Does anyone experience anxiety at the same time everyday ?


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It’s a “timing trigger.”

You’re consciously/subconsciously aware of the time of day. You know that you should be experiencing anxiety....precisely at that you do.

It’s like your “clock”.

My clock typically goes off around noon-ish.

I have had days that I make myself too busy or distracted that I’m able to get through lunch without an episode.

Basically, that time of day IS your trigger.

Maybe subconsciously I don’t want my Saturday night to be like other Saturday nights full of anxiety !

I like the idea of keeping myself busy or distracted ! Thanks for the tip !

Not sure how I will do that since Saturday nights are usually spent with my kids and my husband at home . Dinner together and then watching tv .

My chest starts to hurt , I get obsessed with my heart rate and blood pressure and then I can’t enjoy my night ! 😭

Hoping for the best !

Thanks again ;)

I do the samething checking my heart rate and blood pressure. My heart flutters, race, and skip beats. I get so nervous that I start to panic more and make the anxiety worse.

Hang in there !!!

I get it every time I see my son. Not sure if I am a good mom. Worry about him all the time he had to live with his dad for his behavior was very bad.

foxglove_pnw in reply to SAD419

Sorry to hear that !! I am sure you are an awesome mom ! Hope you get to rebuild your relationship back with your son ! ❤️

I just found out I was pregnant. I have horrible deep depression every single day . One day I think really positive the next day I have no control of my hormones driving me into depression and axiety

Congratulations on your pregnancy !!!

I have two kids so I know how hard the journey is !! Focus on the beautiful baby that is about to come !

Ask your doctor for help and don’t be so hard on your self ! It is a very emotional time !

Yes I'm up right now. Alot of times between 12am and 3am. It can be really exhausting because I don't get alot ot sleep. Most night I'm up all night long. I can be sleeping and my heart will start racing in my sleep and wake me up. Today it did it a little after 1 am.

Lablove515 in reply to Fearofit

I can totally understand that. I did start taking melatonin and it’s been helping me stay asleep a little longer.

Somewhat. Mine is worse at night... is this something you just started dealing with? Mine started two weeks ago.😢 what time is yours happening at? Is it only at that time?

Fearofit in reply to Lablove515

My happens alot at night when it's time to sleep. It do happen in the day time but it really bothers me when I'm try to sleep.

Minds usually start at 12 am

Lablove515 in reply to Fearofit

Melatonin is how I’m able to get at least 4 hours of straight sleep


Sorry to hear this :( I, too, know how it is to just sit in front of the television to zone out the anxiety. Mine typically hits around 5-6 PM and lasts until 7 AM (before and during work hours). Sometimes this happens even on my days off. I'm thinking mine is more trying to go against circadian human clock is like a broken cuckoo anxiety sees a very opportune chance to insert itself. I try to tell myself that my body is just "amped" up since I'm having to basically fight my brain's internal instict daily. I think for a lot of us, once there's a particular setting (place, time...whatever it might be), our brain associates that setting with anxiety. It's basically an open playground at that point. I think the primary idea is to CBT that into the ground. We've survived this "setting" so many times, what makes tonight different? And, as we all know, that's sometimes a hard question to avert anxiety away with since this moment could be the one time our anxiety got something right. But....just keep pounding that thought in there, breathe, and hopefully it starts having diminishing times. Hope all is well and sorry to hear about the tough night :( Just remember you're doing so great, finding so many answers, and making so many strides. Can't let these little incidents bring down so much hard work!

foxglove_pnw in reply to Hidden

Thank you ! ❤️

I agree with “ our brain associating the setting with anxiety “ ! I have the same thing at church !

Every Sunday, I am sitting there and my chest starts to hurt 😔!!!! I have to stop my imagination otherwise I can clearly picture myself having a heart attack at church in front of everyone !

Today was no different ! Only once I had to leave the service and sit outside . This was in December of 2017 !

Hope you are doing good ! Have a great week !

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