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Back to another week.....Can I borrow some warm weather?

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Hi everyone, Brian here! I've been sidetracked for a bit lol. I've finally been able to play a game called Azur Lane. It's an anime-style game based on historical naval vessels. Well, that just hit my sweet spot! lol In the game, the ships are actually girls and you make up a fleet and do battle! I'll share some of the pics I've got for some of the shipgirls. My last post contained the British Battlecruiser Hood, which I just managed to land in game. All of this constant gaming over the holiday period has gotten me away from being here, so I'm trying to prioritize things. Well, I emphasize the word 'try' lol. I do miss talking to you all and sharing things and actually being, oh I don't know, social! lol

Here's another shipgirl I received recently, the British Battleship Queen Elizabeth. Now, for certain members out there, if one's significant other doesn't get their priorities straight, then this is how you'll act. Sheesh, ever have a day went you wanted to bang people over the head with your scepter? lol

Your pal,

Brian :)

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