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Feeling distant from everyone

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Today I haven’t been feeling so well. It’s one of those days where I feel so far and distant from everyone else. I feel like I’m missing out on something, I just want to move away and meet new people because I don’t click with the people I’m around. Earlier today I was looking at someone I used to be very good friends with and I was just overcome with sadness. He was someone I really considered my best friend at one point in my life but something changed in him and we don’t speak anymore. Seeing him, talking with other friends of mine, it just made me feel so weird and sad. I really miss the feeling of having someone close as a friend, I truly feel like I don’t have that anymore and just seeing him made me just idk... feel so distant from everyone. If anyone has ever had a similar experience please let me know how you’ve dealt with this!

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I can totally relate ! I went through a really bad season with my marriage 2 years ago and my relationship with my best friend has changed so much !

I look at her , the things that she is interested in and I can’t relate at all !

I know I have changed a lot and at the same time I am the same ! When you go through hard seasons your priorities change , your outlook on life changes ! At least is what is going on with me !

I just told my therapist other day that I miss having a best friend ( I do sound like I am 15 years old 😉) but I don’t think I know what a healthy relationship is !

I have stop doing a lot of “fun & social stuff “ and yes, I have less friends around now ! I also stopped Facebook and people really don’t care to call you to check on you . I guess I also need to make an effort ! ?

Best wishes !

I have this issue. I've just lost myself into internet stories. I have grown tired of making people interested in me.

Mimip, do you think that anything has changed in you? Years ago, I became like best friends with someone, we did everything together, and as time went on I started to feel differently thereby looking at her differently. My perspective had changed, I started to see things that I did not like about her, things that she would do/say/and she did not realize it. I distanced myself and it was a very difficult time because I really wanted that support/closeness/socialization. I realized that she had not changed, I did, and I saw things in her that were not aligned with behaviors I felt comfortable with. Years went by, I moved on, found closeness in my other friendships where we were all comfortable, when she reached out to me. I spoke to her and was honest about what I felt (my observations) and she acknowledged those things. We tried to be friends again. Unfortunately, her behaviors resurfaced, we spoke about it, but she was not accepting of it. We speak but we are not close friends anymore. I am ok with it accepting that people change, things change, and the important thing is that we try. We can only control our behaviors, our reactions, and pray for others no matter what.

Hi, I think many of us relate to what you are sharing. I hear your sadness and I understand. It is hard when things change, when what we knew is not the same anymore. It is true that some friends are friends for a lifetime while some are friends for a season. Your friend may have changed, you may have changed....or you are pulled in different directions because of life circumstances and how you either respond or are dealing with it. Don't be discouraged. New people will come into your life...and you will click with some. I think as we get older, there are layers of life and issues that we all deal with and having an emotionally intimate relationship with someone can be more challenging. Some times, we have to accept that the same people are not a part of our inner circle anymore. We also have to look at what we might have done that is our responsibility and what we could do differently going forward. I think all of this goes into the equation as we navigate friendships. Stay strong and be hopeful that you will connect with new friends! We all have "those" days where we feel alone and isolated....but you will move past this!!

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