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I need to straighten out. I need to find the way. Look to nature. It whispers the answers.

Embrace the mundane for when with it I am not in the grip of anxiety, racing thoughts nor obsessions.

Don’t use, don’t think of, don’t do...what eventually creates a gap too great to

leap over,

to be lost in,

deep sadness, ...I take this or that to find this sadness in order to escape the feelings that are normal and true but uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

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It sounds like you feel that normality is unfamiliar and uncomfortable because you have struggled for so long that you're now "used to it". Believe me, when you regain your health, you'll see how easy life is to live after all! I've read many of your posts, and I know that you have your good and bad days (as do we all here). I guess today is a bad one for you, and I'm sorry about that. But we all just have to keep moving forward, rain or shine. Like Winston Churchill said, "If you're going through hell, keep going!"

Starrlight, such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing with us.

Those words are beautiful but, oh so sad. I grieve with you, my friend. I would give anything to take your pain away. How about my own poem: {Before me I saw a great wide gulf and I knew I could never cross.....Yet, I was all alone and had to move on, knowing I was lost.....The skies grew dark and the winds blew strong.....The end was upon me and I did not have long.....That's when God said, 'Don't worry child, I know who you are'.....And he sent me a beautiful friend for life by the first name of,'Star'.....Her light shines bright and lifts me up in the dead of night.....And by the way, God loves you too and things will be alright!} Both God and I love you, my bright shining star!

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Because of you and your love the pain is easier to handle. I am not alone in this darkness. Thank you BFF. ❤️

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You are more than welcome, my lifelong

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Nature....Sounds like somewhere I need to go to get answers....

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