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Fed up!


Seriously fed up now. I feel so ill everyday like a flu type of feeling so weak and drained along with a dizzy feeling that ive had for over a year now. Despite all blood tests, mri scans, ENT specialists all is apparantly normal an its anxiety! Does anyone else feel like this 24/7 i cant remember the last time i had energy and motivation because of this weak tired dizzy feeling 😞! Them are my most bothersome symptoms im also suffering from muscle twitching mainly in my legs but can move to other parts, i get a feeling of crawling on my body which freaks me out, my eye sight feels odd a lot of the time but optician says my eyes are fine 🤔! The list goes on..

Theres only so much rest i can have aa i have a son to take care of i just feel dreadful. How can it be anxiety?

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Hi, maybe you have luck of iron could make you tired and drained too

Same.24/7 hell xx

Do you live with other people, family etc...?

May I ask what are you scared of? Is there a root cause?

What I’ve learned from examining my own anxiety and reading this great book called “Hope and Help for Your Nerves” by dr. Claire weekes is that anxiety is caused by over sensitized nerves from constant fear and tension. Since you have been through all those tests and doctor visits I’m concluding it’s this. Your nerves are over sensitized and producing your various symptoms. Your constant worry and annoyance and fear of them cause them to continue! I don’t have a cure but what has been helping me is just realizing this and practicing “floating” through my anxious thoughts and not letting fear win. Hope that helped some


Helo belalf

I was just reading some of ur post and I feel like it’s me u described a lot of what I feel especially the constant dizziness and crawling on skin tingling sensation and my eyes feel so tired and like a weird feeling like super dry but grainy and gets blurry too hard to explain but told I just have dry eye the body aches and feeling like passing out are horrible I to myself have kids and I had the testing done to u name it and all came back negative I refuse to believe this is anxiety but my gp who is awesome and actually does any test to ease my mind told me I’m ok and nothing is seriously wrong I did however find out 2 weeks ago my vitamin d level I really low prescribed 50,000iu for 6 weeks hoping it help with muscle pain but I feel like I’m losing my mind and I’m hoping all this is my low vitamin d but I honestly feel no better and it’s going on week 3 taking the medication I’m hoping and praying one day I wake up to my life to feeling like me

I hope u are feeling better and I’m here if u ever need to talk I know exactly how u feel

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