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Holiday Backslide


Hey guys

Haven't posted in a while, cause I haven't felt the need. I've had a really good month leading up to the holidays. I had a few anxious moments but they were very short and not intense.

A few days after Christmas I was having a party with my family, including my parents who are super supportive but live on the otherside of the country, and then all of my prior emotions, intrusive thoughts, and anxieties came back. I have no doubt they will abate again, just curious if this has happened to anyone else.

I will add the holidays has thrown my routine and diet completely out of wack.

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SkiDiver18, this completely normal. Everything gets off balance and out of sorts during this time for everyone. Take it slow and get back into your normal routine (with a few positive changes) and I have no doubt that you'll get right back on track. Happy and purposeful thoughts! Praying the best for you!

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