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New Year, Not New You - And That’s Okay

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Last night, I made a post about starting the new year crying — I was crying for many reasons. But seeing that other people were feeling the same way...feeling the same kind of despair that I was feeling, it made me both happy and sad. I was happy because I didn’t feel as isolated, or like the world was totally against me. I was sad, however, because so many other people were sad. To everyone who felt comfortable admitting that they are not okay — I salute you and wish you the best in 2019. Deep down, I believe that we all are going to be okay.

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erikaseibs, Of course we will be okay because we are not alone and have each other

to lean on. I've always been sad on New Year's Eve and cried. Sad maybe because I

was leaving behind bad and good days that I adjusted to. Bringing in a new year with

doubts of what it holds can make as apprehensive and not able to lean back and enjoy

the possibilities that a new year can bring.

Last night was different because I made it different. I smiled instead of cried. I wished

myself a Happy New Year ahead. Remembering what I've learned through all my therapy

years. What I think, is what I get. It will be okay. We all have what it takes to get through

anything. I have the power, I have the knowledge, I have all of you.

Happy New Year Erika! :) xx

It takes some longer than others to get there. It has taken me a decade to finally admit not being ok is ok. I've spent a lot of time alone and started to do somethings by myself like going to the movies, eating and shopping. It sucks but I had to prove to myself I could do it. I also found this page on FB called The Mighty and its similar to this but it's more stories about people with mental health and their experiences. Check it out if you have time.

Very true! Yes we will, and you will be ok. Tomorrow is a new day! Fresh starts are always there, right around the corner. It's ok not being ok for a while now and then, just pick yourself up by your bootstraps and take a few baby steps in right direction, you'll be surprised how far you get doing that! Also, it's a good time to start writing an accomplishment, big or small or a thankful thing and putting it in a jar ever week for the year. At the end of it, you will be surprised how far you've come! =) Count your blessings! Happy 2019, Do the best you can from where you are and you will go far. =)

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