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I am so anxious but Came up with something to help believe in the flow of happenings in life


You are where you are for good reason. I know its difficult to wait for an answer when it’s a thing that you care deeply about. And you cannot quickly fix it. it’s difficult not having it the way that seems like it should be. Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes it takes time. Its difficult when you think it’s your fault but there are bumps on every road. its all part of the story that leads to the realization, of the flow, and of peace. I haven’t gotten there fully, only in peices, but there is a whole to become.

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You are on the way and continue trying, you are fantastic xxxx

Beautiful! I always tell myself that I woke up this morning...there's a purpose to the pain

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I sometimes believe that our pain is not in vain. It’s nice when we believe.

This is so relatable star, I was feeling a bit down today and I saw this, thanks a lot for sharing this 👌

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Best to you Redfox

That is called “rational thinking”, it is kryptonite to anxiety. Keep telling yourself these things until they become automatic, and expand them as you go. You nearly got the pebble, Grasshopper.

(Sorry, if you are too young to get the last reference)

One minute Im there where I am supposed to be and the next I have suddenly gotten lost and can’t seem to remember where to be although in this I am also where I am supposed to be but all I do is create struggling to go through beneath the rough waves

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