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I wish I had someone

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Some days I wish I had someone who knew all my issues and helped me through them with no judgement. Who didn’t get annoyed or frustrated. Who tried to secretly make my life easier. Someone who knew how to help me relax before I even realized I needed to.

I wish I had someone who would offer to order for me at a restaurant so that I wouldn’t have to spend 45 minutes rehearsing it. I wish I had someone who would see when I finished my test and time it so they could make sure I didn’t have to worry about getting in front of the class. I wish I had someone who would just help me through everything.

None of my friends know the full truth of my anxiety. It was easier for me to say that I was anti-social, a homebody and socially awkward. Even though I love talking to people, going out with my family and am quite charismatic. But all of that depends on how my anxiety is going. They don’t know that usually halfway through our get togethers I reach a point where I WANT to go home so bad I feel nauseous. They don’t know. And I’m scared to tell them. I’m scared they will treat me different. That they will walk on egg shells around me. I just sometimes wish I knew that they would be wholeheartedly into making me feel welcome.

But they’re 17 year olds. They have their own issues. I get it. The last thing they need is a friend who has a socially debilitating mental illness.

But that one person. God I wish I had that person.

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Hi there . Keep writing your feelings down it has helped me. You are not alone. We are here for you 😌

Good morning - just got to work - i feel so sad about your situation - But know that God is your healer - miracle worker - and a promise keeper - I feel the same but have put all my faith in God's word - He will never leave your or forsake you. I am praying for you


I suggest a therapist if possible. Putting your trust in a perfect stranger to help figure your life out isn't easy. I have been there too. I am 56 and have been Anorexic since 14. I am for sure not judgemental at all. I was dying from 40 years of this mental illness. Six yrs. ago I for the first time checked myself into treatment. I have recently recovered. Recovery is a daily process. A tough battle to conquer Anorexia. I did and will be recovered. I will be strong and not let the Anorexia take me again. This is the first true happiness that I have had. Free from the horrible illness. I would not be alive and recovered if I had not put my trust in the stranger, my therapist and you can be too. Reach out to this support group. We all have issues. Otherwise, we would not be in this support group. Who is better to listen to you than us who struggle as well? I was the worst person to be around before recovery. I talked about food 24/7. I thought about it 24/7. I was only existing in life. I was not fun. I was depressed. Recovery gave me a whole new life. I now laugh and people like being around me. You will get there. Believe in you. Talk about your feelings. Let us help. Love you.

I really appreciate you responding. Hearing your story really put things in a new perspective for me. Thank you.

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