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Health anxiety/ doctor don’t know nothing


Just left urgent care and the doctor said my left ear is a little red and I have a sinus infection and am piss off because I left a ENT on Thursday and he said arthritis in the cheek and loss hearing and urgent care give me antibiotics to take and I want to the eye doctor on dec 16th I don’t know if I can trust my doctor no more

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Sometimes Antibiotics given may not work, so a different on may need to be prescribed.

Yes you can trust your GP.

Give your GP a chance to clear the problem. The problem with antibiotic medications they are not as effective as in the past because of misuse, over many years by people asking for the drug when they ineffective.


I don’t trust my ENT doctor I just seen him on Thursday and complain about the same thing I just told urgent care and she said my inside of my ears is red and sinus infection the ENT said arthritis in the cheek

Arthritis of the jaw can cause pain in the ear, sometimes if the pain is in the upper jaw this pain may cause soreness in the ear. This will cause redness, Dermetone, around the ear.

If you have a biological infection in your ear an antibiotic may be needed, sometimes this can be problematic, until they find the right one

I do not know what to suggest if you have lost trust in ENT, you could discuss this with your GP and a new Specialist may be found to help, however it is a cleft stick in some ways, if you go back to the same hospital the alternative Specialist ?, will be using the same nurses etc. Have you been given any medications for your Arthritis, or are you going to see a Rhumi for that. The last time I had problems with my jaw I had to have words with a Dentist if you are uncertain ?


He told me to take pain medication

What are you taking, in a pain medication, if your GP has given you or suggested something or not check with a Chemist, they may recommend a NSID medication like IBUPROVEN they should reduce the inflammation

Try warm compresses on the side of the face and rub a NSID cream in the effected area of the jaw only


Urgent care gave me Regular Tylenol

The SYMPTOMS Could Be Either. BOTH Diagnosis Can Have Those Same Symptoms. Keep A Close Eye On Your TEMP !*

Ear infection sinus infection arthritis in the cheek

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