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Hi, I am new to this group, actually I’m new to support groups in general. I am a college student who has been struggling with anxiety and depression since around middle school. I do not really have anyone to help or even listen to my feelings, so I am lucky to have found this group. Just reading the posts I’ve seen since signing up, I already feel less alone. So, hopefully I learn more about anxiety and depression and ways to cope!

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Hi and welcome


Welcome. Please feel free to share and ask for help. We all have such similar struggles.

I’m also back in college (after 15 years in the workforce to change career paths) and have struggled with unmanaged anxiety since my youth.

I’m new to support groups (been here a couple months) and new to medication, but I really feel both are helping.

This group is full of caring people. I hope it brings you some peace.

“See” you around!



Hi !

Welcome to the place where u can be yourself!! We all are dealing with similar issues, so it’s nice to not feel alone! Anytime you need someone to talk to, vent to, cry to.... well, there’s always somebody available! You can always text or pm me...I don’t sleep well, so I’m usually around! Here’s wishing you peace and an escape from your worries! 😉🍀⭐️

Welcome! I’m a recent college grad so let me know if you need any advice 👍🏼

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