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Will I ever sleep normal?

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Here I am awake again, it’s honestly been 3-4 years I only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night. The worst thing is I sleep for a hour then am awake for an hour. Then I go threw my day exhausted.

I have tried many over the counter meds ,natural remedies, dr prescribed meds and all have either made me not sleep or they just make me feel groggy and lifeless.

I feel I have no hope to ever sleep normal again. I’m so sick of being exhausted.

Does anyone have this problem? Or any other suggestions what I can do.

7 Replies
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Have you tried going for a sleep study?

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Notame in reply to Emily16

Yes I tried , I was very anxious and had a panic attack right as I started. So my dr gave me sleeping pills and it made me an awake but exhausted zombie

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Emily16 in reply to Notame

I’m assuming your anxiety is what’s keeping you awake. Or am I wrong? Other factors could be a wrong mattress, poor or late eating habits, caffeine late in the day, narrow airway. Have you gone to a different doctor?

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Notame in reply to Emily16

Anxiety is pretty much it.. maybe a dif dr maybe a great idea!

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I have had chronic insomnia all my life. I have tried all OTC medications as well as prescription drugs. Currently I am taking 1mg of Ativan and 100 mg of Trazodone. Although I now sleep well, I am a little groggy in the morning. I welcome my scheduled sleep study in January.

I advise talking to your primary care physician, getting a consult with a psychiatrist and/or a neurologist, and requesting a sleep study.

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I don’t really have any tips to help but when I was 7 up to 12 every night I’d have a terrible sleep because of my intense fear of vomiting. This fear got to the point where I was about to make myself throw up because of how anxious I was feeling. These days I’m very much on the opposite end of the scale where I’m constantly tired but sleep nonstop especially when I’m having a depression episode. It can get to the point where I sleep at restaurants, important events, trains and buses where I’ve missed my stop a few times. Knowing what it’s been like on both ends of the scale I’d have to say is much rather sleep all the time than be constantly awake. I really feel for you and I hope you can overcome this because I can feel like hell sitting there all night.

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You not alone I have the same exact symptoms.

One time I was rushed to hospital could not rest at all.

I was on full on panic mode because of the lack of sleep.

When I got to the hospital being a public one the nurses there gave me a pill named valium .

It knocked me out in 3minutes and I was out for 8 good hours.

That was the only time I experienced sleep at all and that pill you can only get it when you have a prescription and prescribed by a doctor.

I can't afford to see a private doctor cause I don't work but I believe that pill worked for that day for me

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