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Depressed for no reason


I can't shake this sad feeling. I have no reason to feel depressed. I'm taking Lebanon, I'm having my 3 girls and their spouses over on on Christmas Eve. I have a good job. I am becoming a grandmother for the first time in March. I just don't get it.

My partner/ roommate is in AZ until Christmas Eve, but I'm happy for him because he's going to see relatives he hasn't seen in a long time, and he has, MS so it may be his last chance to go.

Am I just feeling sorry for myself? Swimming makes me feel good and I haven't done it in a king time. I'm going to make myself go every every evening this week.

Does anyone else ever feel this way around the holidays for no reason.


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I used to think the same thing like I’m feeling sorry for myself and get more sad beating myself up over that. I don’t think it’s that simple because we WANT to feel more positive. Maybe try finding some other things that you enjoy too and I always watch these motivational videos on YouTube. I also love Abraham Hicks on YouTube. I’ve found that depression doesn’t have a reason and can come when it wants. Be kind to yourself and it will pass!

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Thank you yellow leaves🤗

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